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Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes’ Biting Behavior

There are tons of bugs that exist around you which you are totally unaware of. In fact, if ever you saw someone crawling on the ground looking for them, it would be alarming. But there are some that just seem […]

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Mosquito Control Methods For a Peaceful Night at Home

Every living creature does everything to avoid a life-threatening conflict. Mostly, they’ll avoid such a clash altogether. If not, they’ll put up a fight to get themselves out of the threatening situation. Not so with mosquitoes- they are unique pests. […]

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Bowie, MD – Your Mosquito Questions Answered

Did you know that mosquitoes have 47 teeth? This tiny creature has more teeth than the average human being, who has only 32. But someone will ask if they really have teeth. Technically speaking, they are not teeth; they are […]

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Compelling Reasons To Enhance Your Mosquito Control Plan in Fulton, MD

Mosquitoes are as annoying for residents of Howard County as they are for everyone else. Yet, the fact that they are such a nuisance is not the primary reason why you may want to get rid of them. Despite their […]

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Residents of Lorton VA Will Find These Mosquito Facts Helpful

Mosquitoes are one problem that most and probably all residents of Lorton, VA don’t want to have to worry about this year. Unfortunately, they’re expected to do their usual rounds as the weather gets warmer.

In fact, a lot of people […]

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Can A Mosquito Smell You?

Some of our favorite foods appeal to us because of the smell. Cooked bacon can send our taste buds into overdrive, or a waft of garlic can cause our saliva glands to go crazy. Smell is powerful and it can […]

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