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Tag Archives: how do mosquitoes bite

Did You Know These Three Things About Mosquitoes?

It is rare to come across an adult who admits they know little about mosquitoes. These killer insects are too deadly to go without notice. But the truth is that there is still a lot to discover about the annoying […]

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Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes’ Biting Behavior

There are tons of bugs that exist around you which you are totally unaware of. In fact, if ever you saw someone crawling on the ground looking for them, it would be alarming. But there are some that just seem […]

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Little-Known Facts About The Mosquito Anatomy And Its Significance

This buzzing insect has a way of stealing the sleep from your eyes. It will either keep you awake or you’ll subconsciously continue trying to whisk it away. What’s more, you’ll do everything possible to prevent it from biting you. […]

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Bowie, MD – Your Mosquito Questions Answered

Did you know that mosquitoes have 47 teeth? This tiny creature has more teeth than the average human being, who has only 32. But someone will ask if they really have teeth. Technically speaking, they are not teeth; they are […]

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Mosquitoes Suck!

Mosquitoes Suck! So what can you do to stop them? The female of the species is the guilty culprit when it comes to the common mosquito bite. She needs blood to be able to reproduce, and plenty of it. So just […]

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