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Tag Archives: tick borne illness

Be Proactive In Keeping Ticks Away From Those You Love

No one would want to suffer from a tick-borne illness, let alone have anyone in their family go through the same. But when one of you falls sick after a tick bite, it would feel worse when you know you’d […]

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Babesiosis: Another Tick-Borne Illness To Be Aware Of

What is babesiosis? The name may make it sound like it’s a babyish thing (babe) with the idea that there’s nothing to worry about. The truth is quite the opposite! Babesiosis is not a fancy way to call your baby. […]

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Simple Ways To Outwit The Ticks and Keep Your Family Lyme-Free

If they were bigger and more conspicuous, ticks would not be such a threat and nuisance. But their eighth-of-an-inch size in adulthood compounds tick-related problems. This is because they often go unnoticed and you’re likely to see them only after […]

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Why Sterling VA Residents Should Listen To The Warnings About Tick Bites

The tick awareness campaign in Loudoun County is one that should never end. One of the reasons is because ticks are the primary transmitters of Lyme disease. The condition has adverse effects on the human body. It may begin with […]

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How to Identify a Tick

Tick season is here! These critters have been roaming around for a while now, ready to cause misery to many. We know as the weather warms up, ticks become more active, but do you know how to identify a tick […]

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Lyme Disease Research Gets Financial Assistance

Research into Lyme disease has always suffered financially due to lack of government funding. With such a serious threat to health, it’s concerning just how little scientists get in terms of financial assistance when it comes to their work in […]

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Ticks Cause Allergies And Transmit Disease

The lone star tick has been identified as the culprit in causing an allergy to red meat. However, there are other critters that you might want to be aware of, that could also be a nightmare for any meat lover.  […]

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Lyme Disease – What Can You Do About It?

Did you know that Lyme disease gained its named from the location where it was first diagnosed? Old Lyme in Connecticut is where in 1977, the disease was first reported in the United States. These days, the tick borne virus […]

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