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Tag Archives: tick population

“Watch Out For Ticks In This Season”- True or False?

Have you ever had an encounter with an infected tick? Or been down with Lyme or any other tick-related illness? Worse still, did you get a misdiagnosis? Did you suffer so long just because of these tiny but wicked creatures? […]

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Ticks: Their Roles and Response To Environmental Changes

If you have experienced Lyme Disease, you know that ticks are treacherous pests. The diseases they transmit can lead to life-long health challenges. Worse still, they can cause death. There is no doubt that any person who has suffered from […]

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As Deer Multiply, So Do Ticks!

The deer population in the United States has risen significantly over the last few years, which means we’re more likely to be in closer proximity to a deer than ever before. Unfortunately, with this growth, it also means another increase […]

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