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Check Your Kids For Ticks

If your kids have been enjoying the outdoors then it’s important that you give them a thorough check to make sure ticks have not decided to feast upon their blood. Sounds scary, and it is! Especially for the mother of the child in this article…

Seed ticks. A tick so tiny you could miss 150 on your body, as one mother discovered

Emmalee had been playing outside on a hot summer day, and her mother called her in to take a nap and change her daughter’s damp clothes. That’s when Beka Setzer noticed that Emmalee had hundreds of pinpoint-size black dots on her body, and she assumed that they were grass seed. However, they wouldn’t wipe off, and when she looked at them closely, she was horrified to discover that they were tiny ticks, all imbedded into her daughter’s skin.

Ticks transmit disease, and with many of the symptoms difficult to identify those that have been bitten by an infected tick may not know that they could possibly have Lyme disease or Powassan. These are just two of many tick borne viruses, there are others that we should all be equally aware of.

Do you know how to remove a tick if you find one? It’s important that they are removed correctly because you don’t want to leave the mouth of a tick attached to your skin. That’s the bit that is spreading the bacteria. It’s also not just us humans we need to be thinking about either….

2017: The Worst Tick Season In Years And What It Means For Your Dog

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts that the 2017 tick season, which goes from spring through summer and early fall, will be one of the worst we’ve had in years. This is especially important for us as dog owners because our pups are at risk for picking up ticks and the potential diseases they carry.

It just takes a few moments to check for ticks, an action that could save you from suffering for the rest of your life. Familiarize yourself with symptoms of tick borne diseases. Arm yourself with knowledge and if you think you’re showing signs that could possibly be related to Lyme disease or any other virus transmitted by ticks, then seek medical assistance.



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