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Real Christmas Trees Bring Magic, Sparkle and… Ticks?

If you are thinking about decorating your home with a real Christmas tree, there are a few things you might want to think about. Although it’s wonderful to have a piece of nature in your home, it can also bring with it a few pests. Ticks like to make themselves at home within the branches  so it’s important that you do a thorough check before you take one inside your house.

Warm temperatures may lead to more insects on Christmas trees

While you are posting your snowmen-made-of-beach-sand and Santa-in-a-bathing-suit pictures to strike envy in your snowbound friends, be aware that the cooler regions may have it a little better off when it comes to their Christmas trees. Warmer than average temperatures this season may prompt a similar scenario to last year’s, with tick infested Christmas trees.

Perhaps you are considering an artificial tree this year?  Here’s a video of the pros and cons/fake vs. real.

So you’ve opted for a real tree and checked for ticks. It’s time to get decorating to create your magical feature in your home, covered in lights and ornaments and surrounded by gifts.

When Christmas is over, it’s then time to dispose of your tree for recycling. Many areas have organized a scheme for collection. Just like this one in Leesburg, VA.

Christmas Tree Recycling for Leesburg Residents

Before January 5 and after January 13, town crews will collect live trees during brush collection, as long as the tree trunk is less than 6 inches in diameter. You must place the tree at the curb by Monday evenings for this service.

There’s nothing like a real Christmas tree to bring some magic and sparkle into your home, but remember… it’s bringing the outdoors – in, so make sure you’ve checked for ticks and know where you can take your tree for recycling once the festivities are over.

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