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Beware of Ticks in Eastern US National Parks

Many of us know that if we are looking to spend some time outdoors in the warmer weather, we should be taking preventative measures to protect ourselves from all the other creatures that are enjoying the rise in climate too. If you like to get out and take a hike, discovering trails in national parks, then you might want to read the following article.

Lyme Disease Ticks Common in Eastern US National Parks

Knowing that Lyme disease is increasing both in numbers of infections and in geographic range in the United States, we did this study to determine if people are at risk of encountering infected ticks while recreating in eastern national parks. This is the first large-scale survey in multiple national parks, and though suspected, it had not been confirmed that ticks in many of these parks were infected.

National parks in Maine, New York and Washington DC have been identified as locations where ticks carrying Lyme disease are likely to be in habitat.

Do you know how you can make your hiking experience safe? Are you making sure you spray yourself with repellent and wearing appropriate clothing?

Bothersome Bugs

The best way to prevent tick bites is to avoid ticks. Stay indoors and watch TV. But, if you’re serious about being a hiking dude, that just won’t cut it. So, follow these tips to make your hikes a bit less tick-ful…read more here…

Of course, it’s not just ticks you need to look out for. Mosquitoes, spiders and other creatures are out there on your hiking trail, so do yourself a favor, be prepared and be safe!

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