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No Need to be an Animal Lover to Invest in Tick Control

Back in the 1950’s and 60’s the approach to tick control was an entirely different story to what it is today. Methods of protection were somewhat different and came to a stop due to environmental concerns. This article gives us an insight of one man’s opinion of where we are at in the world today when it comes to protecting ourselves against these disease spreading pest, and how it used to be.

Oden: Ticks are ticking me off

Theories about why ticks and tick-borne diseases have spiked are numerous. Most are not scientific. I once hunted gobblers on a Tennessee hillside farm whose 80-year-old owner swore that wild turkeys were responsible for the tick population.

The growth in tick population is concerning, but are we all as individuals (and for those that have four legged friends, responsible pet owners), doing enough to protect our homes and our fur babies?

A little investment in protecting your home and your pet can go a long way.

Paws and Pages: Protection from parasites

One of the most common parasites that we see which are associated with pets is ticks. Sometimes they can suck such a large amount of blood from pets that they can cause them to become anemic. If not dealt with in a proper or timely manner, anemia may become fatal. Ticks not only literally suck the life out of pets, but they carry diseases that are detrimental to their health.

You don’t have to be an animal lover to invest in tick control. It’s about making a contribution to ensure your environment is a safer place to be whether you’re on two legs or four.

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