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Protect Your Fur Babies From Ticks

Just a little reminder to all the dog owners out there, that tick season is here!  As the spring weather gets us venturing outside with our four legged friends more frequently, we need to be on the look out for these tiny terrors that can cause serious problems if not spotted and taken care of.

TICK SEASON: 5 little-known facts pet owners should know

While they may be tiny, they can pose huge problems for your pet. Veterinarian Dr. Clayton Greenway has five little-known facts that owners need to know about ticks to prevent pain, suffering and disease in your furry loved ones.

What preventative measures do you take to protect yourself and your fur babies from ticks? Do you know what to do if you find a tick on your dog and how to remove it safely?

No matter what the season, you need to check your pet for ticks all year round. These tiny creatures spread disease rapidly and it’s not just Lyme disease we should be worried about.  The following article shares further information on 6 known tick borne illnesses, that you may not be aware of.

The ‘Tick Apocalypse’ Is Coming, and It’s Bringing These 6 Diseases

By the end of March, we all just need the spring. We welcome the extra hours of daylight and milder temperatures with open arms. Unfortunately, ticks really love springtime weather too, and they’ve already started basking in its warmth all around us.

The message here is ‘prevention’ and not just for yourself but for your pets too. They rely on you to keep them safe.

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