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Tick Pills Could Make Your Pet Sick

Your pets are a prime target for ticks, so in the event of a flea or tick infestation dogs and cats can be given medication to help get rid of these critters. However, pet owners beware! You might want to take note of this article because some of these pills can make your pet pooch or your kitty cat seriously sick.

Pets, If You Are On These Flea And Tick Medications, Beware Of Seizures

Fleas and ticks can get on your pet’s nerves. But apparently so might some medications to get rid of these pests. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning that medications in the isoxazoline class such as Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica may do more than just combat flea or tick infestations. These medications have the potential of causing seizures, ataxia, muscle tremors, or other neurological problems in your pets.

Of course, we don’t want to panic you with this information. We just wanted to share with you a warning that has been issued by the FDA, so that you’re mindful when it comes to not only protecting your dogs but your feline friends too.

Existing tick medication for does have a good track record, but if you have any concerns, discuss this with your veterinarian. Changes to the packaging on these products will provide pet owners with the details on how to assess their pet individually and to obtain information they require to make treatment decisions.

Flea, tick pills can cause nerve reactions in pets, FDA warns

Pills or chews that protect dogs and cats against fleas can cause neurological problems such as stumbling or seizures, and pet owners need more warning, the Food and Drug Administration said Thursday. The FDA issued an alert to owners and veterinarians and said it was requiring clearer labels on the products.

Do you know how to check your pet for ticks?  Are you making sure that once your dog or cat has been outside, that they are tick free? Would you know how to remove a tick if you find one? Keep your best friend safe from these critters, because they can’t check for themselves. It is all down to you.

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