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Tick Season Arrives In Cities Too!

From April through to October, the tick population is in its prime. These tiny critters become their most active during the warmer months and with this increased activity, the rise of risk of tick borne diseases. Here’s a great article on how you can protect yourself from ticks throughout this particular bug season.

How to stay safe from ticks and the diseases they carry

With warmer weather in spring comes the start of tick season. Ticks are most active in the months of April through October and peak in the summer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The bloodsucking insects aren’t just creepy — they can be dangerous, transmitting pathogens that cause a number of serious illnesses. Tick-borne diseases are on the rise and that means prevention should be on everyone’s mind, experts say.

You don’t need to live out in the countryside to be at risk. Even if you are a city dweller, you can still be susceptible to ticks and their diseases.

Ticks: unwanted urban dwellers moving into cities

There are movies about snakes on airplanes and tornadoes carrying killer sharks. These are fiction, of course, but there is a factual oddity that is becoming more and more common: ticks are moving to the cities. Recent trends of tick-borne diseases sneaking into more urban areas has led researchers in Oklahoma State University’s Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources to investigate.

If you’re a city resident, then you may want to seek out what preventative tick measures are available to you. If you’re heading out of the city for an adventure outdoors, then you need to know what to be aware of when it comes to ticks.

Wear the right clothing, perform thorough body checks when you return from being outside. Know what you need to do should you find a tick on your skin and how to remove it. Stay safe during tick season everyone.

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