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A Mosquito Can Still Transmit Disease At Christmas

Merry ‘Mosquito Free’ Christmas from all of us here at Backyard Bug Patrol!

We hope that you are enjoying the festivities, spending time with loved ones, exchanging gifts and enjoying some time at home around the Christmas tree.

We just wanted to share with you this mosquito story. It is still as important today as it is every day to be mindful of these pests.

Santa Claws: For modern mosquitoes, it’s Merry Christmas all year round

Gunga Din is an Anopheles mosquito from the Raj days. Or was — for now he is just a benign phantom watching over his kind prosper. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, in 2015 malaria alone caused 4,38,000 deaths worldwide. Recent studies have identified patients in India infected with malarial parasites resistant to a key last-line drug; all of them are in Bengal.

There was a time when the cooler months, we were a little safer from mosquitoes, but now these suckers are staying all year through.

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy yourselves and don’t let these suckers ruin your celebrations.

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