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Tick & Mosquito Control Leesburg VA

5 Star Backyard Bug Patrol review by Vic S on Yelp:

Bradley Benner: Good afternoon everybody. This is Bradley Benner with Contractor Media, once again with John Mitchell of Backyard Bug Patrol. Hi, John. How are you?

John Mitchell: Hey, Bradley. How’s it going?

Bradley Benner: Good. Good. I was just wanted to chat with you briefly about mosquito control in Leesburg. I know you said that one of the areas that you service is out in Loudoun County in the Leesburg area. And so I figured I’d give you an opportunity to chat a little bit about the services that you provide for Leesburg residents.

John Mitchell: Yep. That’s right. Bradley, we treat Leesburg almost every single day of the week. Our offices are located just over the border from Loudoun County. And we’re in Loudoun, again, almost every single day of the week treating for ticks and mosquitoes.

Bradley Benner: What kind of services does Backyard Bug Patrol do? I mean you say you treat for mosquitoes and ticks, how does that work?

John Mitchell: Sure. We spray yards for ticks and mosquitoes and we also treat for stink bugs, ants and a number of other pests. And we’re also offering a green indoor pest control program this year, which is brand new for us. The way we treat is we use a backpack sprayer. It looks a lot like the leaf blower that the lawn maintenance guys use and it shoots out a very fine mist at up to 200 miles an hour. And our guys, our licenses techs will use the backpack sprayer and includes all the vegetation in the yard. It kills ticks, mosquitoes on contact and will put up a preventive barrier that will last up to 30 days, depending on the solution that we’re using.

Bradley Benner: And that spray, that’s safe for children and pets? Is that right?

John Mitchell: Absolutely. All of our sprays are non toxic to people and to pets. So and after, we had a very harsh winter this year, Bradley. It was very cold and we had a lot of snow and rain. And there’s a bit of a misnomer out there that the folks out in Loudoun, we got in Leesburg we got dumped on with the snow. We got a lot of rain and cold that it kills all the mosquitoes and ticks. It did not. Actually, ticks and mosquitoes have antifreeze, believe it or not in their blood and they can survive pretty harsh winters. So I have a video on our webpage that actually shows somebody lifting up frozen ice with some water underneath. You have all the mosquito wrigglers underneath. It’s pretty crazy. So with all the rain, water leads to mosquitoes and you only need a cap full of water for a mosquito to lay eggs and it only takes seven to ten days to go from egg to biting adult.

Bradley Benner: So what you’re saying is we’re going to … we’re probably in store for a pretty rough spring and summer with the mosquitoes and ticks this year.

John Mitchell: Well, that’s right. That’s right. Again, misnomer that the harsh winter killed all the mosquitoes and the ticks. It didn’t. And with all the water that we have, the excessive water and the standing water, it will lead to mosquito blooms, big mosquito blooms throughout the season. So, that leads us, for our customers in Leesburg, what you can do to actually help yourself is try to get rid of as much standing water as possible. You’re not going to get rid of all it, but do the best to get rid of as much as possible. That’s means tip over any planters that have water in them, kid’s toys in the backyard, even if you’ve got a little kid, even in between nooks and crannies in trees will hold water. And again, a cap full of water and mosquitoes’ going to lay their eggs.

Bradley Benner: Wow. Wow. That’s good advice. Well, John how can people get a hold of Backyard Bug Patrol for your services?

John Mitchell: Sure. It’s only on the web: or toll free at 855-NO-TICKS or our local number 703-621-7116.

Bradley Benner: And I want to remind everybody that all of Backyard Bug Patrol’s contact information will be below this video as well. And reach out to John and his crew, they will come out to your Leesburg area home or business and treat for ticks and mosquitoes. And that way you’ll get to enjoy your backyard this summer. John, thank you for your time today.

John Mitchell: Thanks, Bradley. Have a great day. Look forward to this spring.

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