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Mystery Ticks In Virginia

Reports of a new tick species invading the Eastern half of the United States are causing scientists to scratch their heads. The long-horned tick that has been discovered in Virginia and other parts of Eastern U.S has similar features to the black legged tick, the critter responsible for Lyme disease. However, it’s not been confirmed if they could also be an potential transmitter of the disease, or even what potential diseases it might carry. Here’s an article with more information.

Asian Tick Invading America Is a Mystery to Lyme Experts

There’s a new tick crawling around the Eastern half of the United States: the long-horned tick, an invasive species from Eastern Asia that’s been spotted increasingly in urban areas like Staten Island in New York, along with New Jersey, Virginia, and all the way down to Arkansas. The long-horned and black-legged ticks look quite similar to the naked eye. Males of both species are entirely one color; females of both species sport the same dark circle near their head. The long-horned tick has a slightly redder tint.

How did this species of tick arrive in the United States? There is still no explanation as to how it got here, and even more concerning, it is still on the move!

‘The fear of the unknown’ is certainly what is raising concern. We’re not sure just what threat this particular type of tick is posing to humans, pets and livestock.

New invasive tick poses threat to livestock, humans

There’s a new tick in town, or at least on your doorstep, if you live in Oklahoma, Louisiana or Texas, and entomologists are warning livestock producers and pet owners to be on the lookout for what may pose a serious health threat to humans and their animals.  In all, there are over 800 known species of ticks worldwide, about 90 of those can be found in North America, the most common being dog ticks, wood ticks and blacklegged, or deer ticks, the later of which are known to spread Lyme disease.

Are you protecting yourself against ticks? Are you and your family taking precautions against the threat of Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses? If you’ve been thinking about taking action, now is the time. These ticks could be a real threat to our health. Don’t leave it too late.

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