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Mosquito Bites Are No Fun At All!

Let’s face it, there’s not much ‘fun’ mosquitoes bring to the table is there? These critters mostly surround us with stories of misery, suffering and nuisance but we have to give the little guys a break every now and then! The following article shares some fun facts about these annoying creatures. Interestingly, West Virginia has the fewest species.

Mosquitoes: 20 fun facts about the pesky insects

Mosquitoes are known for irritating itchy bites and infectious diseases. But there are many interesting facts about the pesky insects, who arrived on Earth long before humans. Here are 20 things you likely didn’t know.

Bad news for those of us who like a beer, looks like mosquitoes have a taste for it too.

Not just beer, but sweat too! Ewww! These pests really have a diverse appetite don’t they?

What makes mosquitoes attracted to certain people?

We’re moving into prime mosquito season, and you might see articles in your social media feed claiming mosquitoes are more attracted to certain people. We wanted to verify whether these claims are true, so we checked with a mosquito expert, Sandy Brogren at the Metropolitan Minneapolis Mosquito Control District, and two of the world’s most renowned experts on mosquito attraction: Dr. Jonathan Day at the University of Florida and the team at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

None of us are safe from these disease spreading pests, so make sure you always use mosquito repellent because being bitten by a mosquito is no ‘fun’ at all!

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