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Category Archives: Fairfax

Rodents In Springfield VA – Pets Or Vermin?

Springfield, VA is a great place to live and settle down, but that’s hardly what you’ll think when rats and mice take over your home. What’s your first instinct when you come across a mouse or rat? Is it to […]

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Residents of Lorton VA Will Find These Mosquito Facts Helpful

Mosquitoes are one problem that most and probably all residents of Lorton, VA don’t want to have to worry about this year. Unfortunately, they’re expected to do their usual rounds as the weather gets warmer.

In fact, a lot of people […]

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Getting Rid Of Increasingly Smarter Ants In Alexandria, VA

Professional ant control is becoming more important for the residents of Alexandria, VA. If you have ever dealt with ants, then you probably know just how resilient they can be. Just when you think you finally got rid of them, […]

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Why Tick Populations Are On The Rise In Falls Church, VA and How To Protect Yourself

One of the effects of climate change that we experience is higher temperatures and higher levels of precipitation. These two make for a suitable environment for tick population growth. Unfortunately, it’s something that the residents of Falls Church, VA have […]

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Why Fairfax VA Residents Hate Rodents and What To Do About Them

You probably hate rats and other unwelcome rodents just as much as we do at Backyard Bug Patrol. That’s why we took the recent warning from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) seriously. They said that because of the erratic […]

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Protect Your Loved Ones From Mosquito-Borne Diseases In Centreville, VA

The mosquito population in Fairfax County is starting to increase as the weather gets warmer. Like most people, you and your loved ones are probably spending a lot more time in your yard. Unfortunately, that’s also why you need to […]

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Stop Roaches From Making Their Home In Your Burke, VA Home

At some point, you’ve probably spotted a roach scuttling away when you flick on your kitchen light. Roaches are some of the most annoying bugs that residents of Burke, VA in Fairfax County encounter in their homes. So it’s no […]

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Could Weeds Resolve The Lyme Disease Problem In Herndon, VA?

Residents of Herndon, VA, and Northern Virginia often get away with mild winters compared to folks in the rest of the country. So families here get to enjoy lots more outdoor wintertime activities when people in other areas are cooped […]

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Why Cats May Not Be The Best Rodent Control Solution In Annandale, VA

Cats are great. They are an endless source of entertainment, companionship, and love. These are benefits you can’t have too much of in this day and age. It also doesn’t hurt that your feline friend can also help with rodent […]

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