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Efficient Ways To Expel Fleas From Your Home

“I’ve seen fleas in my home. Does that mean my home is dirty?” Most certainly, no. One of the common way fleas get into homes is by hitching a ride on your pets or by the small open spaces in your home. With over 2500 species of fleas, only a handful are in the U.S. Moreover, the few species are found in all 50 states of the US.

Even with as little as 20 fleas in your home, you need to pay attention since this is a pest control concern. One way to do this is to follow some of the steps listed below as ways to take precaution. The basic line of attack against these creatures is prevention. However, if you’ve actually caught sight of one, you need to go the extra mile to control them.

Clean your pets

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The fur on your pet makes it easy for fleas to thrive. That is why fleas generally love animals. Even though they love warm blooded creatures, fleas don’t typically live on human beings. A great relief, right? But you can still experience bites and in extreme cases, allergic reactions. This is why you should do a spot check on your pet and thoroughly clean them as explained below:

Clean your pets. Take a fine-tooth comb and carefully inspect your pets’ coat, looking closely for fleas in all of their forms: eggs, larvae, and adults. Have a bowl of hot soapy water on hand to dispose of any fleas you may find, and be sure to enlist your vet’s help to determine if your pet’s flea medication is appropriate and, of course, effective. Read more from Country Living…

Clean your house

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Another step in the cleaning process after taking care of the carrier is cleaning the overall space your pet occupies. The perfect space to start is his or her bedding and sleeping area. You can use a vacuum cleaner as it will suck not just dirt but the creatures themselves. Actually 95% of all fleas get sucked instantly. Some more methods are explained below:

You can’t just clean around the zones your pet frequents. You need to clean your entire home. Plan to do it when your family and Fido are out of the house, since footstep vibrations entice fleas to hop around or cause immature fleas to pop out of their cocoons. Also, this’ll ensure you aren’t using any toxic pesticides around your loved ones.

First, cover up any pet dishes and aquariums. Clear stray items from under beds, out of closets, and from carpeted areas. Move furniture and rugs around to expose cracks and baseboards.

Walk around each room, keeping a lookout for fleas in the carpet—they look like tiny dark spots that quickly disappear. The dark dried bits that don’t move but resemble pepper are known as flea dirt; this is both the dropping of an adult flea and the food source for a young one. Read more from New York Times…

Call in the Pest Exterminator

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So, now that you’ve cleaned both your pets and the house, are you concerned that you may have missed some fleas? If so, we recommend calling in a professional exterminator to deal with the whole menace. You should call one immediately if you sense you have a flea problem. Most professionals these days use environment friendly products, ensuring they keep your home safe while saving the planet.

Begin home treatment at the same time as pet treatment. This keeps all treatment on the same timeline and helps disrupt the flea life cycle. A licensed commercial pest control applicator can help you determine which products are best for inside your home and in the yard. In general, focus outdoor treatment on shady areas and places where pets spend the most amount of time. Read more from CDC…

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