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Category Archives: Pest Control

Three Signs That Show Your Yard Urgently Needs Rodent Control

Rodents are creatures that will live and thrive anywhere on the planet! That includes sewer lines as well as any majestic castle. And in this case, they can be just under your nose, but lurking out there. So, if you’re […]

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Of What Good Are Mosquitoes Anyway?

This is a question that crosses many people’s minds. You’ve probably also dreamed of the day when the world would be mosquito-free. Haven’t we all? First of all, they successfully ruin your plans to just sit outside and have some […]

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What Attracts Spiders To My Home?

Spiders are a common creature and they’ve been around for ages. Even when you travel to another continent, you’re not likely to miss coming across a spider web. No wonder someone thought of scripting the famous Spiderman movie series. You […]

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You May Mistake These Animals For Rodents But They Are Not

People have diverse attitudes towards rodents. Some consider them to be a nuisance. But others think of them as an excellent addition to the family.  For the latter, they are thought to be glorious pets such as Hamsters.
But you are […]

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Three Interesting Crickets You’ve Probably Seen But Don’t Know

Cricket sounds are a common theme in movies. The term is used along with the not-so-funny jokes and also for signaling nighttime. However, in the insect world, there are many types of crickets, some more commonly known than others.
Below you […]

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Three Common Household Rodent Pets And The Pesky Rodent Pests

The APPA in 2006 found out that 68% of American households own a pet. The most common pets are dogs and cats but there has been an increase in fish and rodent pets.
Some of the most common rodents used as […]

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Roaches

Roaches in America are common household pests. Their presence in a house has often been associated with a lack of proper hygiene. However, that is not always the case. Mostly, they invade homes where food is readily available. And if […]

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Brood X Cicadas: They May Be Gone But The Memory of Their Presence Lingers On

Gen Z’s are all about having their posts trending. They’d want to see their Instagram pictures and other social media content liked and shared worldwide. So, they would do anything to get the kind of attention the Brood X cicadas […]

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The Rodent Control Don’ts To Avoid By All Means

Few cartoons are as hilarious as Tom and Jerry. It is sure to crack your ribs and leave you feeling lighter. For a show that has little to no conversation, it exceeds anyone’s expectations. However, as successful as it is […]

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Flea-Spread Diseases: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

There’s a quote that says “He who loves the rose must put up with thorns too”. It speaks of the unpleasant nature of thorns that accompany the beautiful roses. The same is true for pets. As much as you love […]

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