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Category Archives: Pest Control

Crickets For Christmas: Good Idea Or Not?

It’s always a good idea to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts we have. Life, health, family and friends, careers, and successes. As you prepare for Thanksgiving, think of all the things you are grateful for. Counting your blessings […]

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Are Fleas Seasonal? How To Prepare Yourself For The Upcoming Holidays

Ever wonder how it would be to live life wondering what microorganisms surround you? If you did, you may end up considering how to live in a vacuum, safe from all harmful organisms- because they exist in the millions. But […]

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Rodents In The Fall: What You Must Know And Do For Your Environment

Rodents, specifically the ones that fall in the category of pests, can be a pain in the neck. Their nibbling habits can easily wreak havoc in your home. They’ll not only chew away at your dry foodstuff but also your […]

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Pet-Owners Guide To Tick Control And Prevention

If you love your pets, you want them to be in perfect health all year round. It is necessary, therefore, to be aware of any potential threats to their wellbeing. Whether you own a dog, cat, or guinea pig, you […]

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Three Interesting Facts About Mosquito Behavior And Temperatures

It’s been a grand summer this year and now the temps are dipping. The annoying mosquitoes have been party-pooping all over the place. You couldn’t just enjoy the summer sunsets without that pesky buzzing sound in your ear, right? What […]

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Silverfish: They Are Definitely Not A Sign of Wealth

Silverfish- the name should not deceive you. No, they are not carriers of one of the most valuable metals on earth.  Neither do they live in water. Silverfish are a type of insect that basically spells doom if they are […]

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Ticks And Rodents: Three Perspectives On The Illnesses They Transmit

Tick-related illnesses are primarily transmitted through tick bites. Sounds obvious, right? However, not all tick bites are dangerous, as far as disease transmission is concerned. It takes an infected tick to transmit these illnesses. Some of the tick-related illnesses include […]

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Lone-Star Tick: The Bug That Can Alter Your Meat Diet Completely

You’re probably wondering if this post is just being alarmist. How can a bug change your diet completely? Well, once it bites you, there’s no telling how the bite will affect your body. In this post, however, we will be […]

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What You Need To Know About Ants During Summertime

You do know that all nature celebrates the warmth of summer just as you do, right? And that means that the creatures in the wild come out of hibernation. They also have a grand time reproducing more of their kind- […]

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Dealing With Mosquitoes At Herndon, VA This Summer

Did you know that Herndon, VA is a tech hub in every sense of the word? Many famous technology centers call Herndon home. Some of them include Amazon and Boeing. For that reason, the town boasts of a higher than […]

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