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Category Archives: Pest Control

3 Fascinating Facts about Jumping Spiders!

Did you know that the smartest arachnid is the Jumping spider also known as the Portia fimbriata? Jumping spiders got their name from their unique ability to jump especially when pouncing on their prey. Before you start thinking you will […]

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How To Ensure Your Yard is NOT Mosquito-Friendly

It’s true, mosquitoes are very annoying! First, they buzz around you wherever you may be indoors or outdoors. Then, if that was their only crime, you’d probably tolerate their noises. However, mosquitoes also bite, leaving you will ugly swelts. And […]

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Three Facts About Crickets You Probably Didn’t Know

In the world, the term cricket evokes different meanings to different people. To sports lovers, it’s the bat and ball game played by two teams. Each team has 11 players bringing the total number of players to 22. Cricket is […]

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What To Expect From Mosquitoes This Winter

The dropping temperatures are a signal to all nature to adjust to the coming winter conditions. Some trees, for example, shed all their leaves, to avoid the weight of snow on their branches. Also, animals as large as bears, and […]

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Did You Know You Can Use Dogs To Keep Rats Away?

If you’ve watched Tom and Jerry you know the classic story of the cats chasing the mouse. That the typical opposite of the cat is the common rodent- the rat, goes without saying. But what if homeowners could actually use […]

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Where Do Roaches Hide During The Day?

Of the 4500 species of roaches in the world, at least 30 species are known to be excellent home invaders. The weird thing with roaches is that you will rarely know they are in your home unless you switch on […]

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Ants: A Classic Case of “Looks Can Be Deceiving”

These insects have attracted the attention of many people throughout history. Even the wisest man, Solomon, wrote about them, pointing to them as a source of inspiration for the lazy person. He advised the sluggard to consider the ways of […]

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Cockroaches: Don’t Just Hate ‘Em – Do Something About It

If there’s something that’s common for many people across the world, it’s their absolute hatred for cockroaches. Some even fear them- and that fear isn’t unfounded because these creatures are creepy! They like to scurry all over the place whenever […]

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These Spiders May Freak You Out But They Have a Common Secret

Very few people would be comfortable enough to sit still in a room infested with spiders. No wonder the “Fear Factor” series would include a spider challenge- sleeping in a box and having spiders poured on the contestant. For starters, […]

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Say Cheese? Here’s What Rodents Actually Love To Eat

If you have had a rodent infestation in your home, you know how disastrous it can be. The signs that indicate an infestation include things like missing food or bite marks in your favorite snacks. You may also come across […]

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