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Stink Bug Problems Can Be Much Worse Than A Stink In Clarksville, MD

Stink bugs are so named for the malodorous smell of the chemical they give off to defend themselves when threatened. That’s why you may not want to crush a stink bug every time you see one, especially indoors. The smart thing to do when you come across a pest you suspect is a stink bug is to find a way to get rid of it that doesn’t result in the dreaded stink.

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But how much do you really know about stink bugs? And what are the best ways to get rid of them? It’s first important to note that there are lots of insects that could be mistaken for stink bugs. That’s because they share a lot of features with other insects.

It can be difficult to identify insects down to their species, but once you know what to look for, you should be able to distinguish a beetle from a true bug fairly easily. Beetles have chewing mouthparts whereas true bugs eat a liquid diet. True bugs have a beak, which they use to suck out the contents of whatever it is they are eating. The anchor bug uses its beak to harpoon its prey and then inject digestive enzymes that first immobilizes the prey and subsequently turn its insides into goo, which they then suck up with those same beaks. Read more at…

You’ll be interested to learn that there are over 200 different stink bug species in North America. Some of the general features of stink bugs include their shield-shaped backs and relatively small heads. They also have two pair of wings and antennae that is divided into five segments.

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Most stink bugs are herbivorous, which means they only feed on fruits or plants. However, there are some that feed on other insects – these are predatory. You would think that predatory stink bugs are the bigger problem, but that’s not the case at all. The herbivorous brown marmorated stink bug is probably the most annoying of the species:

According to Rutgers University, the BMSB is a significant nuisance for homeowners and can be devastating for farmers. This invasive species was accidentally introduced to the U.S. from Asia in 1996 and found in Nevada in 2016. They have a “shield” shaped body that is characteristic of all stink bugs. The adults are approximately 5/8-inch-long with a mottled brownish grey color.

The next to last antennal segment has a white band and several of the abdominal segments protrude from beneath the wings and are alternatively banded with black and white. The underside is white, sometimes with gray or black markings, and the legs are brown with faint white banding. Read more at Nevada Appeal…

The stink bug population in Howard County will typically increase in the spring or early summer. They feed on fruits, vegetables and other plants. Gardeners and farmers can experience significant losses when their gardens or farms are invaded by these pests. Even worse, they tend to quickly develop resistance to insecticides.

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Wondering just how bad these losses can be? Check out the following post:

The brown marmorated stink bug – marmorated means marbled or streaked – was first detected in the US in 1998 in Pennsylvania. It has since become a serious pest in apple, pear, stone fruit and hazelnut orchards in the Pacific Northwest. It feeds on about 100 different varieties of plants, including many agricultural crops, such as grapes, peppers, tomatoes, corn, squash and soybeans. BMSB also causes issues with some shade trees, such as maples.

The BMSB has been a problem in hazelnuts since 2004, according to Wiman. Researchers, growers and processors have seen 5-15% BMSB damage in hazelnuts over the past four-year period. Read more at Organic Farmer Mag…

Stink bugs are the kind of pests you want to keep away from your home and yard before their population grows. They will often take advantage of window air conditioners to gain entry into your home. So get rid of these, and fix any caulking cracks in windows and doorframes. Placing screens over windows, doors, and vents is also helpful.

stink bug control

When you need to get them out of your yard, call Backyard Bug Patrol. Our 100% organic stink bug control service will eradicate all stinkbugs in the vicinity within 24 hours. This will keep the bugs out of your home. We also provide indoor spraying, slowing the bugs down, and ensuring your home does not become their hibernation spot.