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Pet-Owners Guide To Tick Control And Prevention

If you love your pets, you want them to be in perfect health all year round. It is necessary, therefore, to be aware of any potential threats to their wellbeing. Whether you own a dog, cat, or guinea pig, you […]

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What Do You Know About Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Tick control in Columbia, MD and any other part of the American continent is a major concern. That’s because these pests are disease vectors, transmitting deadly diseases if not managed properly. But for the residents of Columbia, MD, also named […]

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Some Natural Ways to Control Ticks in Your Yard

One of the most annoying things about ticks is that they are such annoying pests! Yes, they are not lovely pets whose company you would want to keep. The other reason why you wouldn’t want to tolerate ticks in your […]

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You’re Likely To Encounter These Three Types Of Ticks In Maryland

Ticks are one of the stealthiest pests you’ll ever come across. Their tiny size makes them almost impossible to see- that’s when they’re starved. After sucking blood, they swell to very interesting sizes! But even so, these tiny pests can […]

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These Little Known Facts About Ticks Will Surprise You!

The Lyme Awareness Month (May) in North America has helped to create awareness about ticks and their harmful effects on human beings. That means that like most people, you know that these bugs are blood-suckers. You also know they have […]

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Three Most Common Types of Ticks in Cheltenham, MD

Two words best describe ticks: dangerous bloodsuckers. These small arachnids, which happen to be between 3mm and 5mm long in their adulthood, live dangerous lives. They stay in the wild waiting for a host. They seek connection, unfortunately, this connection […]

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