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Tag Archives: keep ticks out of your yard

Simple Ways To Outwit The Ticks and Keep Your Family Lyme-Free

If they were bigger and more conspicuous, ticks would not be such a threat and nuisance. But their eighth-of-an-inch size in adulthood compounds tick-related problems. This is because they often go unnoticed and you’re likely to see them only after […]

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Ticks: Their Roles and Response To Environmental Changes

If you have experienced Lyme Disease, you know that ticks are treacherous pests. The diseases they transmit can lead to life-long health challenges. Worse still, they can cause death. There is no doubt that any person who has suffered from […]

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What It Means For Hyattsville, MD Residents To Be On The Lookout For Ticks

Tick-borne illnesses have a serious impact on both human beings and pets. While Lyme disease is the most prevalent, it isn’t the only one to be wary of. In fact, it’s worth noting that different tick species transmit different illnesses. […]

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Why Sterling VA Residents Should Listen To The Warnings About Tick Bites

The tick awareness campaign in Loudoun County is one that should never end. One of the reasons is because ticks are the primary transmitters of Lyme disease. The condition has adverse effects on the human body. It may begin with […]

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How to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard

Ticks are no longer a pest you see just when the weather starts to warm up, they are becoming a nuisance all year through.  This also means that you’re never too far away from a tick, so if you thought […]

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