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What It Means For Hyattsville, MD Residents To Be On The Lookout For Ticks

Tick-borne illnesses have a serious impact on both human beings and pets. While Lyme disease is the most prevalent, it isn’t the only one to be wary of. In fact, it’s worth noting that different tick species transmit different illnesses. However, it doesn’t really help to live in fear of coming into contact with ticks. A much better strategy would be to get the right information on how to keep your family safe.

Tick control

The first thing to avoid is letting your guard down as the temperatures in Prince George’s County cool off. Both your loved ones and pets need to stay safe.

Warm autumn weather and more folks on trails enjoying the fall foliage raises the risk of a tick bite that can lead to a debilitating illness, if the tick is carrying disease after feeding on an infected animal.

Dr. Michael Henricks, a veterinarian from Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic in Dublin, stressed the importance of prevention, which requires the application of approved flea tick products and topical treatments. Testing for signs of a tick-borne illness, which can affect the skin, kidneys and liver, is essential to keep your pet safe. Read more at

To beat the ticks at their game, leave nothing to chance. Use the repellents, appropriate clothing, and all you can possibly do to keep the ticks away from your skin.

Tick control


Keeping yourself safe is a great first step, but don’t stop there. Your dogs also need to be protected from the harmful effects of ticks. Here is how you can keep your dogs safe:

1. Regularly Check Your Dog for Ticks
One of the best ways to stop a tick infestation in its tracks is by catching the problem early. If your dog has a tendency to roam through tall grass or heavy brush, periodically check them for ticks, focusing on the neck, head, ears, feet and between the toes. Check out our complete guide for identifying and finding ticks on your pet.

Keep in mind that tick bites are hard to detect once the tick has left your dog. These bites often don’t itch, so unless you see the tick, you probably won’t know your dog has been bitten. Checking for ticks once a day, or even multiple times a day in high-risk areas, will increase your chances of finding a tick while it’s still on your dog. Read more at Pet Basics…

Always inspect your dog after spending time outdoors. The physical examination will help you detect and get rid of any tick before it bites your pet.

Tick control

Generally, there are two categories of ticks, soft and hard ones. Under each category, there are many species of ticks. Even so, more is coming to light lately as the following post describes:

There is a new addition to the list of New Jersey ticks, and some experts say that the insects could pose health risks to people and pets in the Garden State. According to a Rutgers University-led study, the “bat tick” has been found in New Jersey for the first time.
“It started out as a hobby, and then I said, ‘Let’s see if we have these ticks around here,” says Rutgers doctoral student Jim Occi.
Occi says that this is the first live soft tick found in the state.
“The hard ticks have a hard shell on them and the soft ticks are very leathery and they’re crinkled because they have to fill up with blood and gorge quickly,” he says.
This soft tick species, a parasite of bats, is known to be in 29 states. Read more at News 12 New Jersey…

You’re likely to encounter bat ticks if you recently got rid of bats from your home. The ticks, lacking the usual supply of blood, will compensate for the loss by preying on you or your pets.

The best way to ensure your home is tick-free is to call a professional. This way, you can be sure that your family is not at risk of contracting any tick-borne illness. At Backyard Bug Patrol, we have all you need to eradicate ticks from your home and yard. You get to choose from our barrier spray services for tick control and protect your family from other bugs as well. Call us today!