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Tag Archives: keeping pets safe from ticks

Simple Ways To Outwit The Ticks and Keep Your Family Lyme-Free

If they were bigger and more conspicuous, ticks would not be such a threat and nuisance. But their eighth-of-an-inch size in adulthood compounds tick-related problems. This is because they often go unnoticed and you’re likely to see them only after […]

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What It Means For Hyattsville, MD Residents To Be On The Lookout For Ticks

Tick-borne illnesses have a serious impact on both human beings and pets. While Lyme disease is the most prevalent, it isn’t the only one to be wary of. In fact, it’s worth noting that different tick species transmit different illnesses. […]

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Pest Prevention And Your Pet

It’s tick season and these pests are quite literally everywhere! We’ve been talking about how to protect your home from ticks, so that you can spend time in your yard safely, but what about protecting your pets? A lovely outdoor […]

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