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Category Archives: Pest Control

How To Safeguard Your Home From This Tiny But Destructive Pest

It isn’t news that termites are a threat to the wellbeing of your property. However, you still want to have the latest info on how to prevent a termite infestation. These tiny insects (which sometimes have wings) can be mistaken […]

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The Facts About Ants and Their (Unwelcome) Presence in Your Home

If you’ve watched Marvel Studios’ Antman- part of the Avengers series- you have an idea of how these tiny creatures can do wonders. Even so, it may be difficult to determine how much imagination and fact informed the script of […]

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Three Practical and Everyday Benefits of Keeping a Pet (Includes Pest Control)

In a season when many people are locked down or working from home, what keeps your heart warm and lights up your mood? This is a perfect question for those who are just alone and COVID news makes it all […]

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As The Cicadas Disappear, Beware of the Snakes

Once every seventeen or thirteen years, a unique phenomenon takes place. Cicadas, which are large insects that have transparent wings, emerge from underground and make a spectacular scene. They live most of their lives below the surface. They only emerge […]

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Your Silverfish Questions Answered

In March 2021, Daily Echo, a UK newspaper ran a story of Silverfish infestation in homes in Southampton. It painted a scary picture of tenants getting holes in their clothes and curtains. One resident shared how he raised his sofa […]

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An Inside Look Into The Lives of Crickets

When you hear the word cricket, what comes to your mind? The answer is relative depending on the part of the world you come from. Ask a boy from India and he will tell you it’s a super entertaining sport […]

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Some Famous Rats You’ve Probably Seen (Perhaps In Your Home)

Rats apart from being a common feature in homes, have also become a common feature in TV productions. They are portrayed in various forms as the writers desire. In some, they are the protagonist who saves the day, in some […]

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3 Interesting Facts About The Spider Lifestyle

Spiders are part of the few wild creatures found in all places all over the world. It’s no surprise the movie Spiderman was so popular. This movie almost made it cool to be bitten by a spider. However, no one […]

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Rat Bite Fever: A Possible Result of An Encounter With a Rat

With thousands keeping mice as pets, rat bites are a common thing. But what is at stake when a creepy rat bites you? What is at stake when you don’t know rats are in your house and you wake up […]

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What To Do If Rodents Are Scurrying Through Your Walls

Your home used to be a little heaven for you but all you hear these days are unending noises coming from the walls. You suspect rats are making the noises and you just don’t know what to do. Well this […]

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