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Category Archives: Pest Control

Essential Tips on Roach Smell And How To Deal With It

There are a variety of ways to find out if you have a pest infestation of any kind within your home. For roaches, you will see them scampering around. Also, in some cases, they could be flying especially at night […]

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Rat Traps: Are They An Effective Rodent Control Method?

When it comes to getting rid of rodent pests such as rats, homeowners have varied ways to do this. The one that’s been in use for many years is the rat trap. These devices use bait to lure the rodent […]

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Can You Tell the Difference Between Fleas and Lice?

Fleas and lice are tiny bugs that have mastered the art of feasting on the blood of other creatures for their survival. Top on their list of hosts is human beings and household pets like dogs and cats.
One interesting thing […]

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What’s The Difference Between Mice and Rats?

Of all the rodents in the world, the most famous should be rats since they are found all over the world. If there was an award ceremony, the rats that would take the day are the brown rats and the […]

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Investigating The Damage Pests Can Wreak In Your Home

When it comes to pests, most people think about the ones that can be seen roaming around or flying around. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are many pests that can cause serious damage to your […]

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How To Ensure Your Home is Termite-Free All Year Round

As a homeowner, one of the biggest concerns that you need to deal with is protecting your house from termites. You should know that termites are usually drawn to homes because they find shelter and food there. Usually, these pests […]

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What Are Snakes Doing In My Yard?

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your property is a safe and welcoming place for both you and your guests. But sometimes, it seems like nature is working against you, with critters invading your space in ways […]

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3 Important Facts You Need to Know about Silverfish

Silverfish are some creepy-looking bugs that are often mistaken for centipedes. One of the things you’ll hear out there is that they have been in existence for over 400 million years. They are tiny, they have antennae at the front […]

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What Do You Know About Capybaras?

Most people imagine that rodents are tiny but have the ability to multiply at a fast rate within a short period of time. This, for the most part, is true. To give you the stats, if rats invade your home […]

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What You Need To Know About Stink Bugs This Christmas

Stink bugs are just like their names suggest- they really stink. In fact, stink bugs are known to emit various smells and you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end. Christmas is coming and no one wants to have […]

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