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Category Archives: Pest Control

What You Should Be Aware Of Before Stink Bugs Appear

Did you know that Reston, VA was founded by Robert E. Simon? And that the goal of the town was to have a community where people could live their whole lives without the need for long commutes? Now you do. […]

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Rodent Control: Get The Facts Right For The Best Summer In Ashburn, VA

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “rodents”? Well, for starters, rabbits are not rodents. Shocked? You’re welcome! Just because bunnies have long incisors doesn’t make them fall in the same category as mice and rats. Neither […]

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There’s A “Joro Spider Storm” On The Internet- Face It With These Facts

There are different types of spiders you’re likely to find in Virginia as this post explains. This is pretty bad news for anyone who has arachnophobia- that is, the fear of spiders. But you know what? Not all of them […]

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Interesting Facts About Brown Recluse Spiders In Great Falls, VA

..Some of the common spiders you can find in Virginia include Black Widow, Cellar Spider, Trapdoor Spider, and the Brown Recluse. Others are the Giant Lichen OrbWeaver Spider, Wolf spider, European Garden Spider, and the Running Crab Spider. From these […]

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What Do You Know About Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Tick control in Columbia, MD and any other part of the American continent is a major concern. That’s because these pests are disease vectors, transmitting deadly diseases if not managed properly. But for the residents of Columbia, MD, also named […]

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Crickets: What Can You Do To Keep Them Away?

If you are an avid music lover, you know that music producers need to soundproof their studios to facilitate the best quality of sound. They do this to prevent the sound they produce from getting to unintended listeners. This technique […]

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3 Simple Ways To Keep Rodents Away From Your Home

One of the modern world’s problems is how to keep rodents (especially rats and mice) out of homes and commercial buildings. You see, rodents especially in urban areas have to keep looking for food in areas where there are only […]

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Learn These Little Known Facts About Snakes

Most people suddenly become edgy when they see a snake, dead or alive. Some literally feel the shivers run down their spine while others immediately pass out. Others still may freeze wherever they are while others bolt away like a […]

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Essential Tips on Roach Smell And How To Deal With It

There are a variety of ways to find out if you have a pest infestation of any kind within your home. For roaches, you will see them scampering around. Also, in some cases, they could be flying especially at night […]

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Rat Traps: Are They An Effective Rodent Control Method?

When it comes to getting rid of rodent pests such as rats, homeowners have varied ways to do this. The one that’s been in use for many years is the rat trap. These devices use bait to lure the rodent […]

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