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Category Archives: Ants

Ants: A Classic Case of “Looks Can Be Deceiving”

These insects have attracted the attention of many people throughout history. Even the wisest man, Solomon, wrote about them, pointing to them as a source of inspiration for the lazy person. He advised the sluggard to consider the ways of […]

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The Facts About Ants and Their (Unwelcome) Presence in Your Home

If you’ve watched Marvel Studios’ Antman- part of the Avengers series- you have an idea of how these tiny creatures can do wonders. Even so, it may be difficult to determine how much imagination and fact informed the script of […]

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Bye-Bye To Annoying Ants

Summer is almost over. You’ve just gotten back from your last family vacation before the kids go back to school. You open the door to the kitchen and you’re not alone! There’s an army of ants making a trail across […]

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