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Simple Cricket Control Hacks To Try At Home

You are constantly tossing and turning in bed. So, you have tried using the pillows to cover your ears. You have also tried every trick in the book, but the noisy bugs aren’t letting you go. Even then, have you tried these three hacks below?

Crickets are known to be attracted by warmth, clutter and moisture, and interestingly, light. If you want to get rid of the noisemakers, you should consider cutting them by their knees. Get rid of these and you are good to go. But here’s how:

Hack #1: Get them from where they are getting warmth in your home.

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Crickets need warmth to survive especially when the weather is hard for them. The thing is, you need warmth yourself to survive. So you can’t cut that out. But it can lead you to where these creatures are hiding.

The first place can be the kitchen followed by any place there is a heater. An easy tool you can use to suck them out of here is the vacuum cleaner.

Like millipedes and centipedes, crickets are considered to be only occasional invaders of homes and other buildings. They prefer to live outdoors and don’t survive well or breed indoors, so true home infestations are not terribly frequent. However, they will enter structures in search of shelter if the weather gets bad or if they just accidentally happen to hop through a door, window, or another opening.

Because crickets are attracted to warmth, they are most likely to be found in kitchens or near sources of heat, such as a furnace or water heater. Once inside, they can burrow into cracks and behind baseboards, but still may often escape to the outdoors when they get the chance. Read more from The Spruce…

Hack #2: Reduce clutter and moisture

cricket control

Do you have any pets in your house? Are you keeping their food in a clean space or are they pouring water all over? Wait, do you have standing water in your basement?

Crickets love humid places and these make it so attractive for them. This is both indoor and outdoor. You should also get rid of any debris outside your home. It provides a perfect hiding space for them

Piles of clutter or rubbish are potential hiding areas for crickets, so be sure to keep your house neat and tidy so they don’t have anywhere to burrow or nest.

After reducing clutter, be sure to vacuum rugs and carpets, or sweep floorboards, in case any eggs have been laid by female crickets. Crickets are often found in low-traffic areas of the home, so regularly cleaning these areas will help remove potential eggs. After cleaning, the Termico team advise disposing of the remnants quickly.

Moisture reduction is also extremely important in deterring crickets, as they often breed in dark, damp areas of a house – even old newspapers or magazines can develop damp mould if left untouched for too long.

Moisture can usually be remedied through use of a dehumidifier, but if the items causing moisture are disposable, it’s best to just throw them away. Read more from Rac…

Hack#3: Use Glue traps

cricket cuisine

Crickets like hopping around. But no matter how high they hop, you are going to wait for them on the ground. Glue traps are perfect simple hacks for these hiding creatures. The traps work when you are not around, and they are very cost-effective.

Perhaps you have seen or heard the crickets chirping away in the garage.

Some people prefer to not use chemicals, making insecticides a non-option. When that is the case, there needs to be a way to properly trap the crickets and get rid of them.

With glue traps, you can place them in the corners of the garage first and foremost as this is the most common entry point for crickets and other small critters.

You should also put the glue traps around any appliances or shelving areas as they will permeate this area, too.

Check on the glue traps semi-frequently. If you have an infestation, it may take more than a few traps to get the job done. Replace them as needed. Read more from Wiggly Wisdom…

What do I do when the crickets are getting out of hand?

Call the professionals. They offer you a chance to sit back and have it all done for you to perfection. It will be such a relief for you. Backyard Bug Patrol is an excellent pest control company. We don’t tire of giving quality services to anyone in need. Call us today!


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