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Crickets: What Can You Do To Keep Them Away?

If you are an avid music lover, you know that music producers need to soundproof their studios to facilitate the best quality of sound. They do this to prevent the sound they produce from getting to unintended listeners. This technique works so well because it makes sure the producer is in control of the sound environment they are in.

This same principle is applicable to your home. How? By covering up all loopholes that will allow unwanted bugs like crickets into your home. Crickets are little annoying creatures famous for the summer noises they make. Even though their sound is all glorious for the summer evenings, it is only sweet when far away. You sure don’t want it inside your house. This post will let you know how to keep them away.

One interesting detail about house crickets

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Insects like all other living creatures are selective when it comes to what they eat. For them to be able to process the specific meal they need to have an active sense. What is unique about crickets is that they use their ovipositor for tasting where they are laying their eggs. Crickets also use their antennae for their sense of smell.

Crickets are somewhat large insects that can grow up to an inch long. They are between a brown and yellow color and can be identified by their unique large bent back legs and dark brown markings on their heads. Crickets have wings that lie flat on their backs and long thin antennae on their heads. Baby crickets known as nymphs don’t have wings but look similar to their adult versions.

Crickets are given the title of “house crickets” because, well, they somehow find their way into houses. During summer, crickets can be found outdoors, especially near dumpsters and garbage. These crickets can be found in swarms of thousands if there is a warm light near these areas. They are attracted to heat and moisture. Read more from Pest Control Zone…

Here are some ways to cricket-proof your home.

Keep your garden clean

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You will occasionally hear cases of people who love crickets for their nutritional value. Yes, there are people who gladly feed on them. But if you’ve experienced them in your yard, you know how much of a nuisance they are at night. To keep them from causing trouble make sure that you keep your grass well-trimmed and also plant naturally repelling plants like legumes.

Keeping your garden clean is the best way to keep pesky crickets, spiders, and other insects away from your home.

Make sure that the soil in your garden is well maintained.

Crickets can’t make their homes on hard surfaces, so if you keep a layer of rocks or mulch around to hide any cracks you’ll be able to discourage them from building nests.

Plant varieties of plants and shrubs with strong smells near your house like lavender, garlic, sage, and onion which are said to repel crickets away.

For example, planting basil next door will not only ward off mosquitoes but also crickets!

You could even use citronella candles for an added bonus effect (can be purchased at most stores).

Remember that certain types of grasses may have some repellent qualities as well and these would be a good choice for any flowerbeds you have near your house. Read more from Sound Proof Army…

Keep firewood away from your house

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Firewood near your house is a perfect hiding spot for crickets. They also breed in moist areas. So you have a bigger problem if the firewood is wet or lying on moist ground. This then makes it a danger for your home as they can easily get into your home.

Even though its outdoors, a firewood stack is a haven for every sort of crawler and otherwise-stagnant bug on the planet.

If you don’t believe me, lift up a piece of wood that’s been in the ground for any length of time and you’ll see a cornucopia of insect life living on the underground.

The worst place for those little guys to be in is living up against your home, eating away at the lining of your house and crawling through the foundation while you sleep.

The most effective prevention technique might be the simplest one on this list: move the firewood pile. Read more from Kapture Pest…

When it comes to bug control, you need to be proactive if you want good results. Yet, even with the best strategies, you may find that the critters have invaded your home. Not to worry! You can reach out to Backyard Bug Patrol for all your bug control needs in Maryland. We are experts in rodent control, mosquito control, and cricket control. Call us today for the best cricket eradication rates in Maryland.