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Mysterious Mice: What Makes Them A Nuisance To West Friendship, MD Residents

Mice are part of the rodent family. Rodents are primarily classified together because of their ever-growing front incisors. This alone is a reason to worry since they are always searching for something to gnaw at. That could range from fabrics and food items to electrical wires and car engine parts. Gnawing helps to keep their incisors at a manageable length and reduces the irritation they experience from the constant growth.

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However, you may want to find out why they somehow prefer getting into your home in Howard County. What are they really looking for?

Mice enter your home in search of two things….shelter and a meal.

Most mice prefer to eat grains and other seeds. In the wild, the seeds of grasses and other plants supply food to help fill up a hungry mouse.

Mice will also eat insects, slugs and snails in their natural environment. However, once they move into your home they will become real gourmands.

Because of the very small body size of mice, it’s easy for them to get into nearly any building they wish. In addition to their size advantage, mice also have a rather unique joint arrangement in their hips that allows them to swivel their hips to fit through spaces that would ordinarily be too small for them to access, such as tiny cracks leading into your house. Read more at Trap Anything…

Sounds a lot like what you are in your home for, right? Shelter and food are basic human needs too. But unlike you, their unique body structure allows them to enter just about any space they choose!

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If you haven’t had mice in your home, this may not sound like a huge issue. After all, animals also need to survive, right? Well, if you think that mice are just too cute and you could maybe put up with them, the following details may surprise you.

How Long Do Mice Live?

A house mouse will rarely live more than a year in the wild, but in a protected environment with food and water (such as a house), it can live up to three years…

Why Are You Not Seeing the Mice?

Mice are nocturnal creatures, so they are most active between dusk and dawn. They don’t usually like bright lights, but a mouse may sometimes be seen during the day, especially if its nest has been disturbed or it is seeking food. Seeing mice in the day also can indicate a large infestation in a home….

How Quickly Do Mice Breed?

In a single year, one female mouse can breed up to 10 litters of five to six young. These 60 offspring can begin to reproduce themselves in as little as six weeks. So within months, you could have a huge population of mice. Read more at The Spruce…

It’s clear that mice can be likened to the proverbial camel. It was only allowed to poke its head into the house but soon had its entire body inside. Similarly, once they are allowed to live comfortably in your home, mice can quickly take over.

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Their natural characteristics make them even more of a nuisance. Not only will they ruin your home, but they will also compete with you for food.

It might be better to ask what mice won’t eat, instead of the question, “What do mice like to eat?” Mice have an extremely diverse diet – consuming practically any food source they can find. While they may not be picky about their food choices, they do prefer certain foods over others. The age-old question is always, “Do mice like cheese?” You might be surprised to learn that cheese is one of their least favorite foods. To better understand why mice choose certain foods over others, it’s important to first examine their feeding habits.

Curious by nature. Mice are inquisitive creatures. They readily investigate new items – including food – placed within their nesting area. Rather than consume large quantities of food in a single feeding, they will nibble on many food items at random. Because of this, mice contaminate or damage many more items than they could ever possibly consume.

Mouse food favorites. Of all the foods included on the mouse menu, chocolate is hands-down the favorite, followed closely by peanut butter. In fact, candy including the combination of the two is almost irresistible to a mouse. Read more at Terminix…

By virtue of their nature and characteristics, mice are better off out of your home and yard. Their sneaky behavior can’t be trusted. In fact, you may need to act faster than you thought necessary once you notice even a single mouse.

Looking for mice busters? Backyard Bug Patrol is here for you. We will ensure your home is rodent-free. Our perimeter rodent control plan ensures that mice don’t gain access to your home. Call us today for excellent services.