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The Truth About Mosquitoes in District Heights, MD

You are certainly aware of mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit. However, if that’s all you know, it may be insufficient. You also need to be aware of the exact risk factor you’re dealing with as a resident of Prince George’s County. This sort of information can help you protect yourself and your family from these tiny bugs. For example, you need to take note of the seasons when they increase in number. That way, you will be on the alert and can take the necessary precautions.

Origin of Disease

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For starters, you need to be aware of how they spread diseases. Do they carry disease in their genetic matter? And if so, how does the pathogen infect you?

Mosquitoes aren’t born with diseases. They get them from mammals. They may pick a disease up from a human or they could get it from a bird or a furry critter. When a mosquito contracts a virus, it incubates inside her stomach and then moves to her saliva glands. When she lands on you and uses her saw-like mouthparts to poke into your skin, she will inject her saliva into the wound. She does this because her saliva contains an anticoagulant that allows the blood to flow freely from the capillaries in your skin without causing a discomfort that would cause you to swat her. This injection of saliva is how diseases spread from mosquitoes to humans. So basically, mosquito-borne diseases are caused by mosquito spit. Read more at American Pest…

It is worth noting that not all mosquitoes look forward to getting a blood meal from you. in the same vein, not every mosquito can spread disease.

Mosquitoes in Maryland

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That notwithstanding, you cannot afford to lower your guard at any time. On the contrary, you could go the extra mile to learn which type of mosquitoes is common in your area. Consider the following facts about mosquitoes in Maryland:

The Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) is an exotic species introduced to North America from Asia and has become a major pest and threat to public health in Maryland. From an initial discovery in Baltimore City in 1987, the tiger mosquito has extended its known range to all Maryland counties except Allegany and Garrett…

Female tiger mosquitoes seek water-holding containers in which to lay their eggs. Any container from a tire casing to a tree hole is a possible breeding site, but this mosquito has preferences. Outdoor containers are greatly preferred over indoor containers and outdoor containers in the shade are preferred over those in full sunlight. Containers holding dark stained water high in organic content are preferred over containers holding clear, clean water. Read more at Maryland…

Such details are what help us develop the tactics we use to stop the multiplication of Asian tiger mosquitoes in yards. After all, you don’t want to be shooting bullets off target.

Beyond Prevention

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Additionally, your mosquito prevention measures should not just be preventive. An even stronger strategy is one that aims at eradicating them.

We have a great opportunity to put a big dent in the mosquito population, which, if left to its own devices, would spread diseases all over the state with very little to stand in its way. Yes, repellants are good for keeping the bugs off of you, but that does little to curb the population of these surprisingly dangerous “little flies” (which is the Spanish translation of mosquito). We carry mosquito dunks, granuals, and sprays designed to kill both adults and larvae of all breeds of mosquitoes. The dunks are as easy as dropping one dunk in standing water (a spot notorious for mosquito breeding) and replacing the dunk approximately 30 days later. The sprays we carry also can kill the adults and is also very easy to apply. Read more at Ayd Hardware…

Don’t relent in your efforts to have a mosquito-free home and yard. With the right information and mosquito control measures, you are sure to win.

As you plan for this fight against mosquitoes, it is advisable to have the right professionals on your team. Backyard Bug Patrol is the leading professional company in mosquito control and eradication all through Virginia and Maryland. We will help you reclaim your backyard by getting rid of those pesky bugs. Reach out to us today and choose the mosquito control program that is suitable for your needs.