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Interesting Facts About Crickets in Upper Marlboro, MD

Most, if not all insects, are a wonder. They may be a nuisance, but those who study them find them breathtaking. You probably don’t mind watching the Nat Geo channel every now and then. Seeing all the interesting things that go on in the wild is fascinating. Back to insects, entomologists are the people to look for whenever you need info about insects. Crickets, in particular, are common in Prince George’s County.

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You have definitely not missed the fact that crickets love to chirp. This is one major reason why most people don’t want them in their homes. But have you ever stopped to consider the sound they make?

Crickets sing an impressive variety of songs, each with its own purpose. A male’s calling song invites receptive females to come closer. He then serenades the female with his courtship song. If she accepts him as a mate, he might sing a song to announce their partnership. Male crickets also sing rivalry songs to defend their territories from competitors. Each cricket species produces a signature call, with a unique volume and pitch.

Crickets produce sound by stridulating, or rubbing body parts together. The male cricket has a vein at the base of his forewings that acts as a file or scraper. To sing, he pulls this ridged vein against the upper surface of the opposite wing, causing a vibration amplified by the thin membrane of the wing. Read more at Thought Co…

No, they don’t chirp using their mouths, if that’s what you thought. And they make different sounds depending on the purpose. Interesting stuff.

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There certainly are different types of crickets. But you’re probably more interested in the one that makes you lose your sleep – the house cricket. Here are some facts about them:

House crickets can appear very similar to their cousin – the grasshopper- but can be separated by the fact that common crickets onlly have 3 tarsal (‘ankle’) segmented body sections, and grasshoppers do not. Males are smaller in size than females, which appear to be chubbier. Both sexes have wings that sit on the abdomen and are short when compared to that of the common grasshopper. Individual coloring varies, but most are generally brown or grayish-brown.

This species of cricket was commonly used to feed a variety of pets. Spiders, reptiles, and other animals kept in tanks at home depended on crickets for a live meal…In addition to animal feed, House Crickets are also eaten by humans in many parts of the world. They are nutritious, providing a complete protein, and can be served fried,dry-roasted, or in candy. Read more at Insect Identification…

If trying out a new delicacy is on your bucket list, you may want to try crickets. Of course, you’ll have to find a place where the meal is properly prepared. That way, you can increase your chances of actually enjoying the otherwise weird meal.

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As the temperatures continue to fall, crickets become uncomfortable. That’s because they prefer the warmth of sunshine. So you are more likely to encounter cricket guests in your warm kitchen this cold season.

Camel crickets, also known as spider crickets or sprickets, are usually a cave-dwelling insect. They prefer dark and moist places, which is why they’re so attracted to basements.

As temperatures drop, they hide under leaves, logs, or make their way into homes through the tiniest of cracks. They’re just trying to stay warm and hope you won’t mind a winter house guest or two… or a few dozen.

These invaders look like the mutant hybrid of a spider and a cricket, hence their nickname. Most people, myself included, find them unusually disturbing. Brace yourselves Marylanders, because these gnarly little guys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, studies have found that year after year, camel crickets become more and more abundant on the east coast. Read more at Only In Your State…

With a thriving camel cricket population and the low temperatures, you may want to be a step ahead of these critters. This is possible if you have a proper indoor pest control plan. Backyard Bug Patrol has been offering excellent services to Upper Marlboro, MD residents over the years, so rest assured we’ll get the job done. Call us today!