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Why Your Rodent Control Plan In Laurel, MD Should Be Proactive

It is quite normal to look for pest control services in Prince George’s County after you notice you need them. Those annoying bugs and critters definitely need to be dealt with. The sooner you do it, the better. However, this should not be the case with rodents. For these, you want to be proactive rather than reactive. Rodents are a special kind of pest. They can easily take over your home, as you’ll discover in this post.

Food Contamination

Rodent Control

First off, rodents will compete with you for your food. In fact, they can eat almost anything you buy for your meals. Even worse, they won’t wait for you to cook the food – the competition is on as soon as the raw food gets indoors.

Rodents consume and contaminate significant numbers of the world’s food supply every year…
The House Mouse is found throughout the United States. They are omnivores, feeding on cereal grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and meats. Seed is the preferred food. They eat at multiple sites eating small amounts at each site. (20-30 sites per day) Daily consumption is about 1/10 of an ounce leaving the balance contaminated. Read more at Kidskonnect

Just imagine a house mouse passing through your food storage room. Everything it touches turns, just like Midas’ touch of gold, only much more disgusting. That’s a lot of damage you don’t want to deal with.

Mice Multiplication

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As if that is not enough, mice will quickly outnumber the members of your household, no matter how many you are. So, you won’t just be worrying about your food being touched by a single mouse. Left to reproduce, you’ll be staring at a mouse infestation in just a few weeks!

Not to mention the fact that they breed year-round. The staggering birth rate is kept under control naturally by predators in the outdoors, but owls, hawks, cats and other hunters are absent from the typical attic or basement…

As the average house mouse lives for a year, that means a staggering number of mice can call your abode home over the course of 365 days…

A single female produces between 5-10 litters annually. Each litter consist of 5-6 young that are able to reproduce at approximately 30 days of age. Read more at Critter Catchers Inc…

That’s why the experts say that once you spot a mouse in your house, it’s already too late! There are probably more of them hiding somewhere.

Rats’ Intelligence

Rodent Control

Now, the worst part of the story is that rats, in particular, are just too smart! Unless you’ve always wanted a pet rat, dealing with a brilliant pest in your home is simply a nightmare!

In nature, a rat’s survival depends a lot on its ability to learn. Rats have to go up against all the things nature puts them up against. Finding food and avoiding being hunted or captured is a difficult task for them.

There are many laboratory studies where researchers have managed to teach rats to press a button to get food. If they get food every fourth time they press it, they’ll start pushing it extremely fast four times to get it.

On top of that, similar studies have shown that they can learn to turn lights on and off, without even needing a reward. Read more at My Animals…

Hopefully, you won’t encounter a rat that has learned to switch on the lights at night and chew on your favorite food. Or one that knows your house so well that even if you seal the holes and cracks, it will still find its way in.

To avoid all the aforementioned drama, get a rodent control plan today. Choose a company that knows its job and guarantees you results. Backyard Bug Patrol is a trusted pest control company that has been competently serving Maryland residents over the years. Let’s keep your home safe from rodents!