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Three Different Types Of Rats You May Encounter In Accokeek, MD

If the thought of a rat makes you cringe, then this post is for you. It’s difficult to deal with an enemy that you don’t understand. In fact, learning as much as you can about rats could help you overcome any anxiety you feel about them. A good place to start would be to learn about the different types of rats. This will go a long way in helping you get your rodent control right. Also, in case you come across a pet rat, you won’t be freaked out of your skin.

Rats Common All Over The US

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It’s mysterious how some types of rats are common in some parts of the world and not in others. Have you ever wondered how that happened? You’ll be interested to learn that whenever the possibility of human migration exists, the same applies to animals and pests. In North America, you can expect to come across these rats:

The most common types of rats found throughout the United States are Norway rats and roof rats. Both rodents belong to the genus Rattus and can be found anywhere human populations thrive. These rats are similar in size and appearance and enter buildings looking for food or to escape cold weather. Inside, they contribute to structural damage and the spread of disease. One of the main differences between Norway and roof rats is where they’re found in homes. Roof rats get their name from their tendency to enter structures in elevated spaces, including attics and ceilings. In contrast, Norway rats are found along building foundations, woodpiles, and in basements. Read more at Critter Control…

You may want to get your home inspected if you suspect that you could be hosting any of these rodents. A professional rodent control expert will prove highly useful for this.

Rats Common in Western US

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Apart from the Norway rat and roof rat, there is yet another type that is common in the western regions of the US. If you visit these places, you may want to be a bit careful lest you go back home to Accokeek with one.

A pack rat or packrat, also called a woodrat, can be any of the species in the rodent genus Neotoma. Pack rats have a rat-like appearance with long tails, large ears and large black eyes. Compared to deer mice, harvest mice and grasshopper mice, pack rats are noticeably larger and are usually somewhat larger than cotton rats…

Pack rats are nest builders. They use plant material such as branches, twigs, sticks, and other available debris. Getting into everything from attics to car engines, stealing their ‘treasures’, damaging electrical wiring, and creating general noisy havoc can easily cause them to become a nuisance. A peculiar characteristic is that if they find something they want, they will drop what they are currently carrying, for example a piece of cactus, and “trade” it for the new item. They are particularly fond of shiny objects. Read more at Automatic Trap…

Just in case you find something you had lost at a random place, you may be dealing with a woodrat. Unless, of course, you have kids. And just like kids, these rats will easily be attracted to your jewelry if they discover them.

Rats in Homes as Pets

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If you absolutely loathe rodents and you happen to see one at your friend’s home, avoid the impulse to pounce on it. It may just be your buddy’s pet:

Rats are wonderful pets who make a great addition to almost any household. Intelligent and fun, I’ve often described rats as the dogs of the rodent world. You can train them, cuddle them, and play with them just like a dog, but they come in a small package!

Though your first choice of rat should be based on health and temperament, maybe you would like to get a certain type or color of rat, or maybe you already chose your rat and are interested to know what his unique coloring is.

There are many types of rats, and many more colors of rats—far more colors than I can really cover here, so I will stick to some of the basics. Read more at Pet Helpful…

Your best bet is to ask your friend whether they have a pet rat in the house and try not to act too freaked out. Hopefully, you won’t have to chase a rat down the hallway. But if you do, then it’s a good time to get the help of a professional rodent control expert.

At Backyard Bug Patrol, we have perfected our skills in pest control. We will see to it that your home is rodent-free and safe. Call us today for an amazing and effective rodent control plan.