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How Ticks Are More Than Just Another Troublesome Arachnid in Beltsville, MD

There’s no doubt that most people recognize ticks as dangerous pests. However, the danger associated with ticks is not just because they bite. Neither is it that they are blood-suckers. Clearly, tick bites are something to avoid by all means, even though a tick bite is not a death sentence. Ticks pose a threat to you in more ways than one, as we shall see in this post.

Suspicious Seed Ticks

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Did you know that ticks do not have to reach adulthood to threaten your wellbeing? Yes – their young ones are not as harmless as you may imagine. Find out more about them:

Seed ticks are in the earliest active stage of their life cycle. During this stage, they are capable of attaching themselves to humans and other animals.

According to a 2019 case study, seed ticks often attack in large groups. If they come into contact with a human, they can cause pustules and papules to form on the skin. However, it is not clear whether seed ticks are capable of spreading disease-causing pathogens.

Tickborne diseases occur when a tick contracts an infection and then passes it on to the next host. It is possible that seed ticks will not be carrying pathogens because they have not yet fed on a host. Read more at Medical News Today…

From the above explanation, it is evident that the extent of development of a tick should not make you feel safe. Even a seed tick can prove to be a threat.

Effects on Dogs

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Their need for a blood meal is the main reason why you should worry. They will get blood from any source available, by whatever means possible. Your dogs are not an exception. Here is how they can be affected:

Are ticks dangerous to dogs? Tick bites have been known to infect dogs with diseases like ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease. In fact, 75% of dogs living in regions with large numbers of Lyme disease cases are bitten by infected ticks. However, only a small percentage of exposed dogs will show any signs.

Can ticks actually kill dogs? Chronic canine ehrlichiosis can cause mortality, and failure to detect Lyme Disease early can also lead to death. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the most common symptoms for Lyme disease are: fever, lack of appetite, joint swelling, decreased activity levels and lameness. Read more at Terminix…

It’s bad enough that ticks can infect your dog. However, it is worse when it causes lifelong illness and death. Your beloved pup should never have to endure the unpleasantness of dealing with ticks.

Effects on People

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Apart from Lyme Disease, ticks can attack your health in multiple ways. They spread other diseases, some of which are dangerous and potentially fatal, as described in the following post:

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)
The CDC calls RMSF “the most deadly tick-borne disease in the world.” If not treated properly, death can occur within 8 days of the onset of symptoms – even in previously healthy people. This is partly because untreated RMSF can cause damage to blood vessels that leads to organ and tissue damage. Even for RMSF survivors, the CDC notes that a serious infection can lead to permanent damage that can include:

Amputation of limbs or extremities
Hearing loss
Mental disability
What you should know about RMSF:
It’s the deadliest tick-borne disease in the world and can lead to permanent damage even in survivors… Read more at Igenex…

It is difficult to choose the lesser evil between death and permanent health damage caused by ticks. Would you rather make a choice between the two or avoid both possibilities altogether? The good news is that there are proven ways of dealing with the tick menace.

Backyard Bug Patrol is passionate about tick control and is a trustworthy company with a track record of excellence serving the residents of Beltsville, MD. If you want to keep ticks as far away from you as possible, then call us today. We’re more than happy to help.