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Has Your Suitland, MD Home Become A Habitat For Silverfish?

No, they are not a type of fish. However, silverfish have a shiny silver outer coat, but the ‘fish’ in its name is because of its movement and shape, which resemble the fish. Many people have seen this creature but don’t know its name. If you’re one of them, this post will help you learn more about this pest and how to get rid of it.

How It Looks

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Apart from its color, you need to be able to positively identify this insect. That way, you will know what you’re working with as you look for ways to deal with it.

The Silverfish Bug, also known as Lepisma saccharina, is a small insect without wings. Its name, silverfish, comes from its silvery color and the fact that is resembles a fish. Silverfish’s mostly rely on carbohydrates to survive that come from various natural sugars and starches. In urban environments, they will eat glue, paper of any kind including books, sugar, coffee and even clothing, making them quite a pest when they are able to make their way into homes.

They are nocturnal, and typically can be anywhere from thirteen to twenty five millimeters in length, with most of their length coming from their abdomen. Silverfish have two antennae at their end of their abdomens, and have eyes at the front of their body, despite the fact that other members of the Thysanura family are known for not having eyes.

Silverfish do not have traditional lings, and instead they have an antenna that they move around in a motion that resembles the way a fish swims through water, providing another reason why they are commonly referred to by their nickname. Read more at Silverfish Bugs…

You won’t find a single silverfish in Prince George’s County with wings. But that should not deceive you into thinking you can easily catch them. They are very fast and will soon disappear from sight. You’ll quickly realize that it’s a waste of time to try and chase after them.

How To Detect An Infestation

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Even when you know how they look, you still need to know when there is trouble in your home. What indicators would help you know that your home has become their new hang-out space?

Seeing the silverfish themselves: They may be sneaky but they are not invisible. You are most likely to see a silverfish on your bookshelf or inside your books, as well as in or around any other paper item. You may also find them near your hairbrush or on the bathroom floor as they also feed on dead hair and dandruff.

Seeing the silverfish damage: As silverfish feed mostly on paper products such as books, photos, documents, and even wallpapers, finding their bite marks on paper is a sure sign of their presence.

Silverfish droppings or stains: One of the most unpleasant yet common sights, when you have a silverfish infestation, is finding their droppings smeared between the pages of your favorite book.

Silverfish scales: Silverfish don’t metamorphose after hatching like most other insects and they simply grow slowly in size throughout their lives. In the process, they molt and shed their scales frequently, leaving them behind. It looks as you’d expect – little, pale scales, fallen on the ground or on the shelves. Read more at Insect COP…

If you notice any of these signs, you need to act fast. You could refer to them as little chewy monsters. They can leave a trail of damage behind them. So, don’t take any chances with these pesky creatures.

How To Eliminate Them

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The last thing you’d want in your attic that’s full of precious memories is a silverfish infestation. These tiny creatures will ruin your family photos, generational wedding dress, books, and other important documents.

Sticky traps, which consist of a cardboard base and a thin layer of sticky glue, can be effective at controlling small populations. Place traps in areas where silverfish activity is high. The insects will get stuck to the glue as they attempt to move across the trap. We recommend only using sticky traps that contain a pesticide in the glue, as this will prevent a trapped insect from suffering for too long needlessly.

Use dehumidifiers to dry the air in rooms where silverfish are seen, especially in the bathroom. Also ensure that under-sink areas in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as closets and cellars, are well ventilated. Read more at Almanac…

Even with such remedies you might still notice a few bugs or evidence of their presence in your home. If that’s the case, then you need a professional to go through your home and make sure none of them survive. That’s why you need experts in pest control.

At Backyard Bug Patrol, we have special skills in indoor pest control. Don’t take any chances; we are here for you. Call us today and let’s make your home pest-free!