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How To Treat That Annoying Mosquito Bite

Is there anything more annoying than the mosquito? You know the constant buzzing sounds they make right in your ear. Or the continuous swatting because they always seem to find you and not everyone else around you (experts say this could be due to hormones or sweat that makes your blood “sweeter”). To add to that, there are the irritating bites they leave behind after feasting on you. This last pesky bit is the gift that keeps giving. The bite is for a moment, but the itch feels like a lifetime! Luckily there are different ways to remedy the mosquito bite.

mosquito bites

First, don’t scratch! This may seem counter-intuitive, but scratching a mosquito bite only gives temporary relief. However, it worsens the bite and can actually lead to an infection.

It may be difficult to distinguish the infection from a reaction to the bite, but if fever or chills are present, the area of redness continues to spread, or drainage begins to occur from the site, a health care provider should be consulted. Read more at Travel and Leisure…

So, the advice here is, never aggravate a mosquito bite. Resist the urge to scratch. Allow it to heal and keep it clean. If you notice, however, signs of the flu as stated above that may or may not be accompanied by drainage at the site and spreading of the redness, don’t ignore it. See your doctor, because you may need to take antibiotics.

Having covered what not to do (remember, don’t scratch!) what CAN we do? Treatments range from home remedies to over-the-counter products. Before rushing to your local pharmacy, try some of these time-tested options you may have at home.

Apply some ice cubes or crushed ice over the mosquito bites for no more than 5 minutes to reduce inflammation and relieve itching. Read more at Cookist…

mosquito bites

In addition to simply using frozen water to bring down the swelling and soothe your skin, you can also make a thick paste with baking soda and water and apply it topically to get relief.

If you need additional relief, simply visit your local pharmacy and choose from a selection of either tablets, liquids, creams, or sprays.

Slather on calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream. Calamine lotion is formulated to relieve itching and discomfort, and over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream helps reduce swelling, redness, and itching. Read more at…

Topical products are usually pretty fast acting. If you don’t like the sticky feel of creams, calamine is also available in a spray. Using a long-acting antihistamine like loratadine(Claritin) or cetirizine (Zyrtec) can also offer 24-hour itch relief if you prefer a pill or liquid.

Now that your mosquito bite is under control, how can you stop this from happening again? Backyard Bug Patrol has been safely eradicating mosquitoes in the Virginia, Maryland, DC and West Virginia areas. Contact us today to discuss our 100% organic and flower-derived mosquito sprays that are (spoiler alert) safe for humans AND pets!