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Rat Bite Fever: A Possible Result of An Encounter With a Rat

With thousands keeping mice as pets, rat bites are a common thing. But what is at stake when a creepy rat bites you? What is at stake when you don’t know rats are in your house and you wake up in the morning and find you have bite marks in your hand? The answer is you should be concerned about these pests.

You shouldn’t just be concerned about rats making noises and chewing wires. You should also be concerned about them infecting you with diseases. To begin with Have you heard of Rat Bite Fever?

What is Rat Bite Fever?

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Rat Bite fever is an illness spread by rats that is found in the United States though the majority of the cases have been from Asia. It is transmitted from rodents to human beings by means such as rodent poop. But a means you should watch out for is rodent bites. The bites can look like small punctures and can bleed sometimes.

Here’s some more info on RBF:

Rat-bite fever, also known as streptobacillosis, spirillary fever, bogger, and epidemic arthritic erythema, is a zoonotic illness that manifests with acute relapsing fever with migratory polyarthralgia. It is transmitted from rodents to humans either via rodent urine or mucosal secretions. It is a rare disease and can be caused by two kinds of bacteria: Spirillum minus and Streptobacillus moniliformis. Both organisms are normal oral flora in rodents. Most cases occur in Japan, but it has also been seen in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Africa and is usually transmitted by a rat bite. However, some cases are associated with mere exposure to the urine or nasal, fecal, or ocular secretions of an infected rodent. Rat-bite fever can also be transmitted through food or water that has been contaminated with feces or urine. Read more from StatPearls…

Who is more at risk when bitten by a rat?

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Rats don’t care who they bite but some people are at more risk of being infected than others.

If your immune system is vulnerable then you should take care as a single bite could cause a lot of harm.

Anyone can get bitten by a rat. The risk is higher if you live in areas with rats, work with rats, or have a pet rat. Children are more at risk than adults because they are more likely to act in ways that startle or threaten the rat.

People with weakened immune systems are at higher risk of complications, including infections, from rat bites. This includes people with cancer, diabetes, HIV, and liver disease. It also applies to people who take medicines to suppress their immune system, pregnant women, and older adults. Children less than 5 years of age have a higher risk of infection as well because their immune systems may not be fully developed. Read more from Healthgrades…

What do you do when bitten?

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When bitten by a rat, the first step should be to clean the wound up. Self-medication is not advised but it is important to know first aid hacks.

Early detection and swift treatment are critical for rat bite fever. It can lead to death if it is left untreated.

Antibiotics are very effective at curing the illness. Talking to your doctor soon after possible exposure will help you get prompt treatment if you need it.

Clean the wound well with soap and water if you are bitten or scratched by any rodent. Call your doctor and let them know a rodent scratched or bit you. Your doctor will know when to begin treatment for rat bite fever if you develop any symptoms.‌

Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about your risk of rat bite fever. Read more from Webmd…

The downside of not dealing with the bite immediately is that you could expose yourself to risk of disease. So be quick in your response when you are bitten or think you’ve been bitten by a rat.

You should also ensure that your space is rodent-free. You don’t want creepy unwanted rodents in your space that could leave you with diseases. How do you do that? By involving a rodent control company that could help you assess how safe your home is. At Backyard Bug Patrol Company we have professionals ready to help anyone in Maryland to deal with rodents. Call us today!

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