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Rodent Control: Get The Facts Right For The Best Summer In Ashburn, VA

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “rodents”? Well, for starters, rabbits are not rodents. Shocked? You’re welcome! Just because bunnies have long incisors doesn’t make them fall in the same category as mice and rats. Neither are hares and hedgehogs part of the rodent family. Even so, as an Ashburn, VA resident, you need to be aware of the typical rodent behavior you’ll experience during summer. This post will help you get in the know.

Dry Summers

Rodent Control

Most people are aware of rodent behavior during winter. These pesky creatures usually enter your home to look for a warm place to nest and hide from the cold. What about summer? Say you are looking forward to a mostly hot and dry summer. How does that affect rodent behavior?

For one thing, if the summer is warm and dry, you can bet that there will be more rats and mice around!

And it’s been well documented over the years that rat populations in Canada’s biggest cities are spurred on by dry, warm weather.

For these mammals, the summer months present an excellent time to find new places to nest. They become even more active in the summer when yards are filled with fruits, nuts, berries and bird seed.

Just like they sneak in during the winter to stay warm, they’ll sneak in during the summer to stay cool. Rodents tend to move around more during the summer time than they do during other seasons. They need to relocate from their warm, winter nests into places where they’ll be more comfortable in the heat. Read more at West Side Pest Control

You can expect to see an increment in rodent invasion if your yard has nuts and fruits. But the good news is that you can do something about it.

Wet Summers

Perimeter Rodent Control by Backyard Bug Patrol

How about if you live in a place that’s sure to rain? Or if the weatherman has warned of wet conditions this summer? What would be the implication where rodents are concerned?

Do Mice Get Indoors If It’s Raining Outside?

This is another frequent question that homeowners tend to ask when they figure out that they have squeaky “neighbors” living beside them.

And in case the area you live in often has wet summers and it is predisposed to rainy and humid weather in general, you will most likely notice more rodents inside your house during this time.

Mice are simply looking for a place to stay dry when it is pouring rain outside!

You can keep your trash secure throughout the year so that mice aren’t attracted to any food scraps in your rubbish bins, but if your basement or laundry room tends to flood during heavy rains, mice might be drawn to that standing water and then decide to nest somewhere in your home. Read more at Beezzly

Now you know why you may encounter rodents in your home when its wet outside!

Summer Rodent Control Tips

Rodent Control

If you think about it critically, rodent control is all about making your home unattractive to rodents. This applies whatever season it is. Here is a quick reminder of what you need to do.

Tips To Prevent Rat Infestations:

Seal any cracks or gaps found in the foundation of your home

Cover your chimneys with tight-fitting caps

Trim down the overgrown trees away from your home

Remove trash and garbage from your home regularly

Wash dishes immediately after every meal.

Keep trash cans outside or a few feet of distance away from your home

Keep your basement and storage areas free of clutter

Repair any holes or gaps found on your roof line Read more at Envirosafe Pest Control

With these preventative steps, you can be sure to keep the rodents away this summer.

However, if you are already facing a rodent invasion situation, don’t wait till the temps get hot. If you do, you may be dealing with a tripled rodent population. Call the rodent control experts at Backyard Bug Patrol today and rodent-proof your yard. You sure wouldn’t want to share your yard with them, would you?