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Three Facts About Stink Bugs You Didn’t Know

There’s no bug that has conquered state after state by hitchhiking like the stink bug. And if you weren’t too sure, yes do they stink. The dangerous thing in this conquest mission is that the female egg can lay 400 eggs in her lifetime. Imagine 1000 bugs doing that. But even with these scary facts, man always will come up with a way to regain dominion over the earth.

And in your quest to do this as a conqueror, you will need information about stink bugs that you will find interesting. Read more below:

1. How did the bugs initially come to the United States?

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Stink Bugs didn’t initially start their lives in the U.S. These bugs are Southeast Asian Natives and they came to America in the 1900’s. They brought themselves to the country through fruit crates and they continue to spread all over the country.

The brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys, is an invasive pest that is present throughout much of the United States. The species is native to Asia and was introduced into the United States in the mid-1990s, possibly stowing away in a shipping container. The presence of this stink bug is concerning for farmers because it feeds on a large number of high-value crops and ornamental plants in its immature and adult life stages.

In the United States, the highest concentrations of brown marmorated stink bugs occur in the mid-Atlantic region, and they have been identified in 38 states and the District of Columbia. They cause major economic damage to fruit, vegetable, and field crops in the mid-Atlantic region. Read more from the United States Environmental Protection Agency…

2. Stink Bugs have multiple scents

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For a bug that many dread for the stink they produce, you won’t believe that they also produce some nice scent. Bugs are created in a way that they can also attract other bugs through their scent. This scent contains pheromones which they release when they are safe. They release the stinky scent whenever they sense danger.

The one thing probably everyone who has encountered a stink bug can agree on is that they…well, stink. Stink bugs emit this foul odor whenever they feel threatened or when crushed. This method of defense proves to be a very successful tactic against any potential predators. Some people have compared the scent to that of cilantro or skunks. In addition to their distinctive stench, stink bugs are also able to produce a different chemical odor. This pheromone is released when a stink bug finds a safe place to hibernate for the winter. The scent, which is undetectable to homeowners, acts as a signal to other stink bugs to join them in the winter hiding spot. Read more from Terro…

3. Stink Bugs don’t reproduce In winter

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When the cold season sets in, stink bugs enter into a state called Diapause. Like the word “pause” tells, in this period, they hide, they do not feed and they aren’t active in any way. They do this while waiting for fall, when they get active. Even though they are hiding, you will rarely find them in houses. They prefer being out under some debris like leaves.

Though stink bugs tend to be very active in the fall, it is not usually when they breed. Brown marmorated stink bugs like to breed when the temperature starts to get warmer. After about two weeks of feeding in the springtime, brown marmorated stink bugs will begin to mate. Female brown marmorated stink bugs lay their eggs in clusters, with each cluster containing about 20 to 30 eggs. In one lifetime, female brown marmorated stink bugs can lay anywhere from 212 to 486 eggs. In warmer climates, more than one generation can occur in a single year. In addition to the ability to lay many eggs in one lifetime, brown marmorated stink bugs can also hitchhike on vehicles (and planes). These two attributes have helped this invasive pest spread. Read more from Terminix…

To prevent your home from being a stink bug palace, you should consider calling professionals to handle them for you. In as much as they aren’t so harmful, the odour they produce isn’t one you want in your space. Backyard Bug Patrol; we are a leading bug control company in Maryland. Call Us Today!