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Backyard Bug Patrol Receives Glowing 5-Star Review on Google

Backyard Bug Patrol is pleased to announce that it has recently received a glowing 5-star review from a customer on Google Maps.

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Prevent Lyme Disease with Tick Control Services from Backyard Bug Patrol

In her review, Katherine Beckett-Goodwin said, “We love the Backyard Bug Patrol service! The team is very professional, courteous and efficient – excellent customer service across the board. They always give us a heads up via email when the next treatment is or if they cannot do the treatment because of rain, also give us a note about that. We also do not have an issue with ticks in our yard. The treatment approach of multiple treatments through the tick season is very thorough and effective, not like the services that only treat twice as ticks and mosquitoes are mobile, and can come in and out with animals. The tick treatment is important to us because some in our family have tick borne illnesses, and we are confident going out in our own backyard and not get eaten alive by bugs that spread disease. I highly recommend these guys.”

Backyard Bug Patrol offers both remedial and preventative treatments inside and outside the home for householders experiencing bug problems. Contact us for more information about tick control services.

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