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How to Keep Your Home in Edgewater, MD Mosquito-Free

Have you ever dealt with a single noisy mosquito in your home in Edgewater, MD? Just one can keep you awake; any more than that, and you’re guaranteed a rest-free night. Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance, but they also cause diseases. To protect your home, the most effective approach is to prevent them from making your home their territory of choice. This requires proofing your home using the right preventive measures.

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1. Fix your screens

The first one is simple; fix your screens and doors.

Many bug and insect issues can be solved through patching obvious gaps in your window screens and doors.  If you do not have window screens, get some.  You don’t need them for every window, only the ones you like to have open often.  Most houses have windows that came with screens, but in older homes the screens could be missing. Read more at Control Mosquitoes…

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Maintaining your window screen is important if you want it to last long. It should be cleaned a few times a year. The first step in cleaning it is to remove the screen. Next, find a space outside where you can spray your screen with a garden hose to remove the debris. Prepare a cleaning solution of one-part ammonia to three parts of water. Use a soft brush to scrub the screen with the solution. Finally, rinse the screen with the garden hose before leaving it to dry. Remember to wash both sides fully and to lower the pressure of the hose to protect the mesh material.

2. Drain stagnant water

The next preventive measure you can use is to get rid of stagnant water around your home. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Getting rid of it will ensure they stop multiplying right in your backyard.

Getting rid of standing water in your yard and garden is one of the most important things you can do to prevent mosquitoes. From watering your yard and plants to those sporadic summer downpours, your property can quickly accumulate a good amount of still, stagnant water, which makes it the perfect environment for insects. This is why it’s important to keep gutters clear of debris; check at least once a week for any discarded cans, buckets, pots, overturned children’s toys and anything that can hold water; cover trash containers; change water in outdoor pet dishes daily; and change water in birdbaths several times a week. Read more at On The House…

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In addition to this, you can completely spread dry dirt over the standing water with a shovel to level the soil. Alternatively, you can add manure and garden compost to your soil to make it absorb water more easily.

3. Use mosquito traps

The final preventive measure we suggest is to use mosquito traps. These can be bought at the store or even be made at home. They can be pretty effective at reducing the mosquito population in your surroundings since insects are easily attracted to them.

Mosquito traps work by attracting mosquitoes with a combination of lures, often carbon dioxide, heat, and light. When a mosquito flies in for a closer look, a vacuuming fan sucks them into the trap interior. They’re either captured in a net, on a sticky surface or are electrocuted by an electric plate or grid. In tests, traps from different companies caught different species of mosquitoes at different rates. Therefore, your best bet is to research different traps to find ones that are rated for indoor control and have demonstrated effectiveness. Read more at Insect Cop…

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Mosquito traps have many benefits, the first being that they are chemical-free. They are also environmentally friendly. These traps offer a long term solution, as opposed to repellents. And to top it off, they are easy to install.

Keeping your home mosquito-free is a worthy investment, be it of your time or money. It will go a long way in protecting your family and home. These tips should be helpful in keeping your home mosquito-free. However, if you are already dealing with a high mosquito population in your home, then reach out to us at Backyard Bug Patrol for effective mosquito control measures that will rid you of those noisy pests in no time.