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Don’t Let Deer Ticks in Clifton, VA Tick You Off   

Did you know that deer ticks are prevalent all over the Eastern US? Or that adult deer ticks are always looking for a potential host all year round (including winter if the temperature is anything higher than freezing)? Are you aware that apart from Lyme disease, deer ticks can transmit the Powassan virus (which causes meningitis) and cause Anaplasmosis? Clearly, deer ticks are the kind of pests you want to steer clear of in Clifton, VA!

Before we go further, let’s first establish the differences between deer ticks and another common tick in Clifton, VA. The following post gives an in-depth of the two tick breeds:


What do deer ticks look like?

Deer ticks, also known as blacklegged ticks, are hard ticks identifiable by their black legs, red-orange body, and black scutum, which looks like a dot on the upper half of its shield.

Another important feature: “They’re very small, maybe half or two-thirds the size of a normal tick,” Merchant notes. “They’re easy to overlook. They could be attached to your skin and you don’t notice it because of the small size.” (Think: as small as a poppyseed.) Read more at Prevention.Com…

Wood ticks like the American dog tick are much easier to find because they’re larger than deer ticks. You’re also more likely to be bitten by a deer tick earlier on in the season, like early spring or even before winter is over.

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Their ability to remain active through the seasons is an important detail about deer ticks that you should be aware of. It means you need to be especially vigilant in ensuring they are not a threat to your family.

When are Deer Ticks Active

We often get the question: “When are deer ticks active?”

The answer is often not what people want to hear, because the truth is that deer ticks (also known as blacklegged ticks — we use the terms interchangeably) are active during more of the year than you might assume.  Ticks never die off, they just go into low-activity periods during the year. That means that during a warmer winter, they actually can be active year-round.

Based on both anecdotes and research, you need to protect yourself against ticks anytime the temperature is above freezing, even if it is in the dead of winter.  We talk to lots of foresters and others with outdoor jobs who say that they pick blacklegged ticks off of themselves even on cold days. Read more at The Tick and Mosquito Project…

Understanding that deer ticks are active all year round shouldn’t bug you endlessly. You only need to work with an efficient tick control service provider in Clifton, VA.

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It is also important to know other measures you can take to prevent ticks from troubling you. The following post gives some useful advice we should all pay attention to:

Check for Ticks Regularly

According to the Mayo Clinic, removing an infected tick less than 36 hours after being bitten drastically reduces your chances of getting Lyme disease. That’s why doing thorough tick checks is a must if there’s any chance you’ve been in a tick-infested area. Check your (and your children’s) clothing, hair and entire body carefully. If you find a tick, the best way to remove it is with a pair of needle-tip tweezers. Carefully grip the tick’s head and pull straight up, gently and steadily, until the head and mandibles slide out of your skin.

Be sure to inspect any pets that were outside with you. They can get Lyme disease, too. Read more at Family Handyman…

With all these measures in place, you are well on your way to a safer and healthier spring and summer. However, to fully put your mind at ease, be sure to work with reputable pest control experts.

Backyard Bug Patrol has been serving Fairfax County residents for the past 10 years. We are especially passionate about tick control because our family has in the past fallen victim to the vicious deer ticks. We have put together several tick control packages to ensure you get the best protection available for your family. Call us today!