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What You Need To Know About Ants During Summertime

You do know that all nature celebrates the warmth of summer just as you do, right? And that means that the creatures in the wild come out of hibernation. They also have a grand time reproducing more of their kind- from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope. It really is fascinating how the various animals behave during summer.

You may have also noticed that your home gets more infestations during summer. There are insects and critters that just decide to come along to live with you. One of these creatures is the ants. Let’s find out some facts about ants in Leesburg, VA this summer.

Why do ants invade your home?

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Sure, summer is full of fun and activities. And there’s no fun without food, is there? Perhaps you’ve been having awesome times at cookouts with your family and friends. Plus, you’ve noticed that the ants have also increased in number. Before you get yourself all worked up about your home cleaning regimen, check out these facts.

First of all, ants are coming into your home searching for food and warmth. During the summer months, the nights can be cooler and your home will provide ants with the warmth they need. Another reason for an ant infestation in your home is a source of water. Moisture is key to ant survival and your home has plenty of it. Lastly, a food source is one of the main reasons for ant infestations. If there is a reliable source of food, ants will come back over and over to collect. If you offer any sort of combination of heat, water, and food, then chances are you’re going to end up with a serious ant infestation in your home. Read more at Any Pest

So, it really isn’t that you left the food out for the ants to devour- although they are attracted to food. But, there are other reasons for ants coming into your home.

Have you heard of odorous ants?

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Now, you’ve probably already heard about carpenter ants, black ants, red ants, and the like. But have you heard of odorous ants? They are just as their name suggests. They are similar to stink bugs because of the smell they produce. You wouldn’t want these ones in your home.

When squished or threatened odorous house ants can release a foul odor similar to the aroma of a rotting coconut. They are 1/16 to 1/8 inches long with a dark brown to black coloration. When disturbed these ants can quickly move raising their abdomen into the air ready to spray.

Besides of the pungent odor, these pests are difficult to control because they nest in wall voids, crevices, and other tight areas near moisture like within bathrooms under and around sinks, around toilets, plumbing, water heater, and in kitchen near appliances. If the opportunity presents itself odorous house ants will start colonies outdoors such as under yard debris, leaf litter, rocks, logs, woodpiles, mulch, and flower pots. Read more at Solutions Stores

Yikes! Imagine a colony of odorous ants in your home? Well, you can do something to avoid such an infestation as you shall see below.

What can you do to avoid an ant infestation?

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It’s simple- just ensure your home is not ant-friendly. That way, you won’t attract them to your space. Here are some of the basic practical things to do to keep ants away.

…First, you should clean up your appliances after use and ensure they are stored clean. Dirty dishes and food crumbs will call ants to get more comfortable in your home. Everyday garbage disclosure, cleaning, and brunching all the kitchen accessories might be the best options to eliminate ants…

Blocking the access points to enter your home. You may not be careful about tiny holes or cracks by caulks and sealant. Ants are not very big, rather tiny in size to easily enter without your noticing. Though it’s tough to find out all the single cracks in the home you should try to block as many gaps as you can…

Sealing foods and drinks is another very effective way to discourage ants to enter into your home. As in summer, they reproduce themselves by a hundred times they need more food to feed themselves. Therefore, you should seal food containers properly. Read more at Envocare

But what if you do all these and still find that these creatures are ever-present in your home? You need the experts to intervene!

At Backyard Bug Patrol, we are keen on ensuring your home is bug-free and conducive to a memorable summer experience. You don’t have to battle these tiny insects on your own. We’ve got the skills and the resources necessary to ensure your home is free from ants. Call us today for effective and pocket-friendly ant pest control services.