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The Facts About Ants and Their (Unwelcome) Presence in Your Home

If you’ve watched Marvel Studios’ Antman- part of the Avengers series- you have an idea of how these tiny creatures can do wonders. Even so, it may be difficult to determine how much imagination and fact informed the script of the movie. Nevertheless, since the wisest man gave advice to the lazy person to learn lessons from the ant, there must be something fascinating about this little insect.

Meet the Ant

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Since it’s impossible to exhaust everything about ants, let’s begin with the basics.

Ants are small insects that are found throughout the world. They are known for carrying objects much heavier and bigger than themselves. Ants are social insects. They live in organized communities, work cooperatively and efficiently, create a clear division of labor, wage war, and occasionally capture slaves.

Ants belong to the order Hymenoptera, which also includes bees and wasps. Ants constitute the family Formicidae, which has more than10,000 species. Entomologists, or scientists who study insects, have estimated that there are probably more ants than any other kind of insect. Ants have been in existence for more than 100 million years, and they probably evolved from wasps. Read more at Britannica Kids

Ant, reader; reader, ant. Now you’re all good with the introductions, right? Well, perhaps you’d want to be a bit surer that the insect crawling in your home is an ant. Read on for more.

Identify the Ant

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Sometimes, all you need when you go on a blind date is to have a description of the person you’re going to meet. It could be what they are wearing or any other external feature. Here’s a description of the physical features of the ant.

One of the most characteristic traits of an ant is its body shape. Though ants vary greatly in size and color, all have the following features:

  •     Six legs with three joints each and a hooked claw for climbing.
  •     Large heads with compound eyes.
  •     Elbowed antennae.
  •     A narrow constriction called a petiole between the abdomen and thorax.
  •     A hard exoskeleton covering the body.
  •     Powerful mandibles.
  •     Metaplural glands that secrete an antibiotic fluid…


Most ants are black, brown, or red in color. However, a few species have a metallic luster and green hue. Acrobat ants, argentine ants, and pavement ants are all brown in color. Odorous house ants and crazy ants are brown or black. Big-headed ants, Caribbean crazy ants, and fire ants have a red hue. Carpenter ants can be found in nearly any hue including tan, black, and red. Read more at Ants

Does the description sound familiar? Moreover, have you seen them in your home? But why did they choose your home?

Ant Attractors

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Now, the most critical info you need to have concerns the things that attract ants to your home. So, why do they infest your home?

Can Ants Smell Food in my House?

Every food that humans eat is likely eaten by small ants as well. While they love all foods, sweets are their favorite. High-sugar foods are extra appealing to them, which makes eliminating a food supply with lots of sugar even more urgent.

Is Water attracting Ants?

Like all other living animals, water is essential for ants to live. Ants not only drink the water, but they carry it back to their colony for future use. Check for ants in sink areas or ants in bathroom locations and find leaky pipes.

Are Ants attracted to Plants?

While this is less common, some ants are attracted to the smells of your indoor plants’ and flowers’ sweet nectar. Keep a watchful eye on your houseplants to make sure no pests are hanging around. Read more at Tips Bulletin

There are multiple reasons why ants may invade your home. They could also come looking for a cool environment during the hotter months.

Are you noticing an unusual presence of ants in your home? Then you may also want to take action before these cute insects take over. For effective ant control services in Maryland, reach out to the Backyard Bug Patrol team. You’ll see why our reputation goes ahead of us each time.

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