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3 Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders

September is here, which in addition to back to school and labor day festivities, also means spider season. As temperatures cool, spiders are more likely to come indoors and it’s also their mating season. While we have nothing against the miracle of life and procreation, there’s no reason why spiders should reproduce inside your home. Not to mention the fact that arachnophobia, the fear of spiders and other 8-legged creatures is considered the most common phobia in the US. So how can we get rid of spiders naturally?

  1. Keep it clean

spider control

It’s good to start from the inside out. Cleaning the inside of your house indirectly gets rid of spiders by eliminating the insects that spiders feed on. You also render them homeless when you dust or vacuum away spider webs.

Get cleaning

Spiders like to have places to hide and one of the best ways to prevent this is by keeping your house neat and tidy through regular tidying, cleansing and de-cluttering. Opt for plastic storage containers rather than cardboard boxes as these are harder for spiders to crawl into. Also dust and vacuum regularly to rid your house of unwanted webs. Read more at Country Living…

So in addition to spring cleaning, perform September cleaning to discourage spiders from picking your house to live, eat and mate in.

spider control

  1. Put up physical barriers

When it comes to keeping spiders outside, think about physical barriers. Think of the ways that spiders might possibly come in and how you can block them.

Regularly check possible entry points by ensuring any cracks in the floors, windows, or doorways are adequately sealed. If you enjoy opening the windows to let fresh air into your home, you can do so without letting in those pesky critters. Install window screens that will not allow insects to get in and inspect them regularly to check and repair holes or tears. It is preferable to open windows only during the day time when spiders are less likely to be moving about and eventually make their way inside. Read more at Chainsaw Journal…

Caulking is the answer to most pest problems and is clearly not an exception when it comes to spiders. If you’re not sure what to look for when sealing and spider-proofing your home, call Backyard Bug Patrol. We have years of experience in spider control.

  1. Use natural spider repellants

Finally, when it comes to getting rid of spiders, think home remedy. Essential oils like peppermint oil and citrus peels can be used to repel spiders. You can also make your own natural spider spray!

Make your natural spider repellent spray and spritz in areas where spiders congregate, such as the bathroom and other damp areas in your home. Also spray it outside of your home along windows, windowsills, and doors, so spiders won’t enter. To make this spray, combine the apple cider vinegar, oil, pepper, and liquid soap. Put everything in a spray bottle and mix well. Respray everything every couple of days and after it rains. Read more at Tips Bulletin…

So the next time you see a spider, don’t panic. Pick any one of these methods to get rid of it. For a more professional touch and more information on spider control in Virginia, call Backyard Bug Patrol.