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Tag Archives: spiders

There’s A “Joro Spider Storm” On The Internet- Face It With These Facts

There are different types of spiders you’re likely to find in Virginia as this post explains. This is pretty bad news for anyone who has arachnophobia- that is, the fear of spiders. But you know what? Not all of them […]

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Interesting Facts About Brown Recluse Spiders In Great Falls, VA

..Some of the common spiders you can find in Virginia include Black Widow, Cellar Spider, Trapdoor Spider, and the Brown Recluse. Others are the Giant Lichen OrbWeaver Spider, Wolf spider, European Garden Spider, and the Running Crab Spider. From these […]

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3 Fascinating Facts about Jumping Spiders!

Did you know that the smartest arachnid is the Jumping spider also known as the Portia fimbriata? Jumping spiders got their name from their unique ability to jump especially when pouncing on their prey. Before you start thinking you will […]

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These Spiders May Freak You Out But They Have a Common Secret

Very few people would be comfortable enough to sit still in a room infested with spiders. No wonder the “Fear Factor” series would include a spider challenge- sleeping in a box and having spiders poured on the contestant. For starters, […]

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What Attracts Spiders To My Home?

Spiders are a common creature and they’ve been around for ages. Even when you travel to another continent, you’re not likely to miss coming across a spider web. No wonder someone thought of scripting the famous Spiderman movie series. You […]

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3 Interesting Facts About The Spider Lifestyle

Spiders are part of the few wild creatures found in all places all over the world. It’s no surprise the movie Spiderman was so popular. This movie almost made it cool to be bitten by a spider. However, no one […]

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What Every Homeowner in Millersville, MD Needs to Know About Spiders

Are you a tennis fan looking forward to the opening of the new tennis complex in Millersville? If you are, what is a sight that might scare you on the court? …Maybe a spider crawling on the ground next to […]

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How Worried Should You Be About Spiders In Your Andrews Air Force Base, MD Home?

The thought of spiders in your home may send shivers down your spine. You have probably seen movies depicting some horrible scenes involving spiders. You may also feel anxious whenever this topic is brought up. But should fear be the […]

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3 Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders

September is here, which in addition to back to school and labor day festivities, also means spider season. As temperatures cool, spiders are more likely to come indoors and it’s also their mating season. While we have nothing against the […]

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