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Crickets For Christmas: Good Idea Or Not?

It’s always a good idea to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts we have. Life, health, family and friends, careers, and successes. As you prepare for Thanksgiving, think of all the things you are grateful for. Counting your blessings will definitely lift your spirits and put you in a good mood. Just what you need for Christmas!

While you’re at it, however, you may want to also keep an eye out for the party poopers. Bugs and pests can really ruin your holidays. Especially when they invade your home and make a mess of your precious possessions. In this post, we’ll consider crickets. Yeah, those bugs are associated with an awkward silence. What should you know about them?

House Crickets

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There are different types of crickets in the ecosystem. They include Camel cricket, King crickets, Jerusalem cricket, and Mormon crickets. We’ll explore them in detail in another post. However, what would be of interest to you is the house cricket. Here is some info about this type of cricket.

House Crickets live outdoors but may come inside in considerable numbers.

Adults have three dark bands on the head, 3/4-1 inch long, and are light yellowish-brown. They will eat almost anything, will chew on or damage silk and woolens.

House crickets are nocturnal, staying hidden during the day. They have a distinctive chirping sound. They can be found in warm places like kitchens, basements, fireplaces, also in cracks and crevices and behind the baseboard.

House crickets will attack paper, damage silk, woolens, fruits, and vegetables, all kinds of foods, and even rubber. However, unless large numbers occur, such damage is usually minor. Read more at DIY Pest Control

How Long They Live

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Supposing a cricket or a bunch of crickets find their way into your house. How long would you expect them to live? How many days are you bound to “enjoy” the nighttime melody from their chirping? Find out in the following post:

Crickets generally live for 90 days, depending on the season and predators. Some house crickets can survive in homes over two years or more without predation or cold weather!

However, most crickets rarely live longer than a few weeks, which is why many crickets breed all at once. Their species needs sustaining, and the cricket mating time of year is an important one to these chirping insects.

Despite their need to mate and breed, most crickets live solitary lives. They are nocturnal as well, which is why you likely hear more crickets chirping at dusk and in the evenings than during the day. Read more at A-Z Animals

Your home is likely to provide the optimum conditions for crickets to thrive. So, if you’re not exactly into their melody, you need to act fast.

They Can Cause Significant Damage

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Unfortunately, chirping is not all these critters do. They also bite and chew on several different items in your home. If all you’ve got is a single cricket, then there may not be much to worry about. However, you wouldn’t be too sure how many they are and how fast they could be multiplying…and their resultant collective appetite…

Crickets cause surprising damage. Each of the three species common to Long Island is known for damaging fabrics like silk and wool, to name a couple, as well as paper, fruits, and vegetables. House crickets are the type of cricket you’ll most likely see inside your home, and these crickets usually invade in large numbers which can be overwhelming to control, and cause significant damage quickly…

Why Do Crickets Come Inside?

When crickets move inside Long Island homes, they’re usually in search of warmth and moisture. That’s why most often, you’ll find them in your home’s basement, crawl space, shed, or garage in dark, damp areas. It’s always a good idea to minimize moisture in these areas to deter crickets and other pests. Read more at Suburban Exterminating

So, as it gets cooler, you can expect to see crickets come into your home to hide from the elemental factors. Such movements shouldn’t be taken lightly even though you know what they’re looking for. But, of course, you may want to try out cricket cuisine- and eat them before they destroy your property!

To keep your home and your property safe, consider working with a pest control expert that uses eco-friendly products. Backyard Bug Patrol fits this description perfectly. We offer you indoor pest control products and services that give you value for your money. Don’t hesitate to call us today for any inquiries you may have. Cheers!