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Three Facts About Crickets You Probably Didn’t Know

In the world, the term cricket evokes different meanings to different people. To sports lovers, it’s the bat and ball game played by two teams. Each team has 11 players bringing the total number of players to 22. Cricket is played all over the world and has the biggest following in India.

The other meaning is the insect of the Gryllidae family. Below you will find answers to some interesting cricket questions.

Is it true that crickets are considered a lucky charm in Asia?

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All over the world, different things have different interpretations. A perfect example is a cat. The cat in the west is a perfect household pet, a friend to the homeowner, a symbol of warmth and friendship. And the same thing applies to crickets. In the west apart from being a symbol of boring jokes the cricket is also a perfect symbol for summer.

But what do crickets represent for you?

In the Walt Disney film “Mulan,” Cri-kee the cricket is considered to be a lucky charm for Mulan’s family. The idea for this character was based on the traditional Chinese custom of keeping crickets in cages in the home for luck. Many Indigenous tribes also thought that crickets brought good luck, and a similar belief holds true for many Americans, who believe it’s bad luck to kill or even harm a cricket in the house.

Despite these beliefs though, the incessant chirping (which is caused by the rubbing together of their wings to attract a mate) in one’s home can quickly become annoying, especially because they only seem to go quiet when the search for them begins. Read more from the Spruce….

Why are crickets so loud?

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Crickets are well known to be noisy creatures especially in the dead of the night. But have you ever wondered why they are so loud? Here’s some interesting information. Crickets chirp when the males want to start mating and they are calling the females to come over. They also do so when they are about to fight other males or when warning of looming danger.

The loud chirping noises that you hear crickets make is how they communicate with each other. In fact, chirping crickets might actually be trying to attract mates.

Male crickets make high-pitched sounds in an effort to attract females that they can mate with. These noises are mostly made during the night, and this might be why some people find them to be so annoying.

The reason why crickets chirp throughout the night is that this is when predators are least active. Crickets will stop chirping when someone gets near them because they can sense people coming.

Crickets don’t possess ears like humans or other animals do. They don’t hear things like normal, but they’re incredible when it comes to sensing vibrations.

A cricket can sense someone coming and it will stop chirping to try to throw potential predators off. Going quiet can make it more difficult for people or predators to find them. Read more from My Backyard Life…

What do crickets love feasting on?

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Crickets are so tiny and you might be wondering what they feed on. Well, turns out they are the perfect omnivores. This means you can find them chewing on anything ranging from proteins like fish food to green plants in your yard. And the ugly side of this is that your home can also become a perfect source of these foods. Below are two types of foods they really enjoy.


Crickets eat a wide range of fruits. They particularly prefer fruits such as oranges, bananas, and apples. The insects also enjoy fruit plant seeds. These pests can eat all the seeds that you’ve planted in the garden. Some species of crickets such as field crickets can cause extensive damage to a variety of different plants. However, they also keep weeds like ragweed and crabgrass in check.


Unlike grasshoppers that are herbivores, crickets can’t live without protein in their diet. That’s the reason they eat other insects to fulfill their nutritional requirements. Some crickets may even eat other crickets to meet their dietary requirements. Crickets will die if they don’t eat meat. Mostly crickets fulfill their need for protein by eating other insects. They eat a variety of insects including ants, aphids, stick insects, and ladybugs. Read more from Pest Control Zone…

So what do you do when you find crickets staying in your home and making it a living hell for you? You should work on removing them especially with the help of professionals. You can call Backyard Bug patrol. We are pest control experts in Maryland who will happily sort out the mess for you. Call us today!

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