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3 Simple Ways To Keep Rodents Away From Your Home

One of the modern world’s problems is how to keep rodents (especially rats and mice) out of homes and commercial buildings. You see, rodents especially in urban areas have to keep looking for food in areas where there are only stone buildings unlike their partners in the wild. This kind of environment means that one of the two entities has to suffer; either the human or the rodent.

In most cases, it is the rodent on the receiving end but they also do cause their fair share of harm. So as a homeowner, how do you keep your home safe from rodent invasion? Below are some 3 things you can do: Put lids on your garbage cans, secure your front deck, and lock your garage doors.

Put lids on your garbage cans

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Rodents invade homes out of a need to get food or a place to shelter them from harsh weather.  One of the areas that are prone to rodent invasion is the garbage can. You must be wondering how these rodents can eat rotting food. You see, unlike human beings, rodents don’t get sick from dumpster food. And if this continues to be their diet for a very long time, they eventually lose their taste for what you would call clean food.

Putting your garbage cans outside without lids on them can attract mice to your area. They can pick up the scent of discarded food items from a long way away! When you put lids on the garbage cans before placing them outside for collection, it cuts down on the scent of foods. When mice gain access to your garbage cans, you can unwittingly take them into your garage when you put the cans back inside. This gives them access to your garage and it won’t be long before they figure out how to access your home. In other words making sure that mice are not attracted to your property helps mouse proofing your house because there will be fewer mice who could try to gain access. Read more from Kapture Pest…

Secure your deck or porch

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A home deck does change the look of your home making it more appealing as well as providing more room. However, one of the troubles that come with this is that it provides a small heaven for rodents. Rodents love dark spaces that can provide warmth and at the same time give them room to build a nest for themselves.

To keep your home rodent-free, you have to keep them off your deck or porch, too. Always make sure your space is free of scraps after a backyard cookout.

Rodents also prefer dark, isolated, well-concealed areas, so letting light into their formerly gloomy den eliminates any comfortable hiding places. A motion-sensor light is a good solution.

Sweep out leaves, grass, loose dirt, and whatever else is trapped under your deck. This removes cozy, warm nesting materials. Finally, install a mesh screen with no holes big enough for those pesky critters to squeeze through. Read more from Angi…

Keep your garage door closed

There are so many reasons why you should keep your garage door closed. As we have already seen, rodents are always looking for spaces to invade. So, your garage door creates room for them to invade all the other parts of your home. If you have a car that you don’t use regularly, they could turn it into their nesting place and even use the openings in there to invade other parts of your home.

Garage doors left wide open can be an invitation to rats and mice, especially in the fall when these rodents are seeking a warm place for winter. Get into the habit of closing your garage door immediately after entering or exiting with your car, and also keep side entry doors to the garage closed. Keep sliding patio doors and basement windows closed, or at least protected with screens, to prevent rodents from entering. Never leave a garage door, or other entries open overnight, as the dark hours are when rodents are especially active. Read more from The Spruce…

There are simple steps you can take to keep your home rodent-free, and as always, prevention is better than cure! However, if you are already experiencing a rodent invasion and you need expert help in getting rid of them, call Backyard Bug Patrol. Our perimeter rodent control program is safe and effective for both rodent control and rodent removal. Call us today for the best services in town.

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