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Some Famous Rats You’ve Probably Seen (Perhaps In Your Home)

Rats apart from being a common feature in homes, have also become a common feature in TV productions. They are portrayed in various forms as the writers desire. In some, they are the protagonist who saves the day, in some the villain that should be killed at first sight. In your home they sure are the villain, aren’t they?

Below are three famous movies/animation films that have rats playing a major role. You’ll read about Ratatouille, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the classic, Stuart Little.


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Ratatouille just seems like an excellent name for a rat movie, the name even starts with the word rat. But Ratatouille is a French meal that started out as a peasant meal that has in recent times become a must-cook for top chefs.

Here’s a preview of what the movie Ratatouille, whose main character is Remy, is about:

Remy is different from the other rats because he values what he eats. Food calls to him in a special way that no one else understands, not even his big brother Emile, though Remy tells all of this to him anyway. When their colony is found out Remy gets separated from the other rats and is alone in Paris. He pretends that he is talking to his favorite chef who gives him advice. After an encounter with a human, Linguini, they are both in a tough position. Together they realize which one of them can cook and which one canʼt. They come up with plan, a crazy one, but will it work? The sous-chef Skinner is suspicious of them, but can they avoid detection while Linguini keeps his job and Remy gets to fill his dream? Read more from Movies Meet Match…

Master Splinter from Ninja Turtles

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Imagine finding a rat that is 4’10” in your own basement. And this rat is a sensei. The truth is that you’ll get yourself a nice whooping. But maybe even the 32cm long rat has been giving you a whooping. What are you doing about it?

Here’s how Master Splinter is like your everyday rat:

Splinter is a rat that (due to his mutated powers) has become a martial arts teacher and father to four young “ninja” turtles. Splinter is old and wise and highly skilled in the art of ninjutsu. Splinter has shown to be a very protective and strict parental figure for the ninja turtles, who only wants the best for them. He also has excellent hearing very powerful jaws that can break certain forms of metal. What does Splinter have in common with a true sewer rat? Male rats are territorial and will protect their female counterparts from other males attempting to enter their space. Rats have ultrasound hearing and can hear sounds that are much softer than humans can hear.  Read more from Poulins…

Stuart Little

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Your parents tell you they are going to adopt a brother for you today and guess who they come with? A little gentleman called Stuart is a rat. What would your reaction be? You can find out how George, Stuart’s brother reacted by watching the movie.

You can also see here what a writer from Metro says made the movie ‘weird’:

Things take a turn when he realises that the two random mice aren’t actually his biological parents, who actually died in a soup can related accident at a supermarket, but instead the whole thing is a ploy from Snowbell and his cat pals to get rid. Not that we blame Snowy. So what does he do? Drive across New York back to his home, despite not knowing the way. Of course, of all the cats in one of the biggest cities in the world, he comes across those very felines desperate to kill him, leading to a rollercoaster chase around Central Park in which he still manages to stay impeccably dressed. Read more from Metro…

Even though it wasn’t true for Stuart’s parents, the thought of a rat dying in your soup is super disgusting. You don’t want that happening in your house.

So how do you protect yourself? You can involve a professional rodent control company, in Maryland at Backyard Bug Patrol, we have mastered the art of protecting homes and eradicating rats when they infest. You can reach out to us today!

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