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The Rodent Control Don’ts To Avoid By All Means

Few cartoons are as hilarious as Tom and Jerry. It is sure to crack your ribs and leave you feeling lighter. For a show that has little to no conversation, it exceeds anyone’s expectations. However, as successful as it is in stress relieving, this cartoon is a perfect example of failed rodent control. Tom never seems to sail through with his mission, hence there are so many episodes of their chases. Is that how your rodent control experience looks like?

If it is, don’t lose hope yet. You’re not the problem; it’s the methods you’ve been using. So how do you change that? You have to first be aware that the problem you’re dealing with if not taken care of could be a bigger problem. It’s not something to play around with or assume it will just go away.

So don’t just lay random traps, or use frightening devices, or over-rely on DIY methods, and here’s why:

Don’t place traps randomly

rodent control

You should know rodents are highly intelligent animals and you don’t want to deal with them haphazardly like Tom. And now you must be wondering, so how do I conquer them? The answer is in studying their habits and beating them at their game.

Snap traps scattered about go against a mouse’s natural habits. They like to travel straight paths along walls and cabinets that create a 90-degree angle with the floor/counter etc. A trap should be at a 90-degree angle to the wall, with the snap side facing the wall, in areas where you see signs of rodents such as droppings or chewed boxes. Read more from Wil-Kil…

Another danger of placing traps all over is that your children can come into contact with them so be careful as you do the placement.

Don’t use frightening devices

Rodent Control

Frightening devices are electronic products portrayed to scare rats by producing certain sounds. But it has been proven that yes the devices have an effect the first few days you use them.

So are they good long-term?

Honest answer, there is not enough data to support their long-term use.

House mice are wary and easily frightened by unfamiliar sounds that come from new locations. Unusually loud and novel sounds frighten mice and cause temporary avoidance. However, mice quickly can become accustomed to new sounds if they repeatedly hear them.

Ultrasonic sound has very limited usefulness in the control of rodents. Ultrasound is directional, does not travel well around corners, and is easily attenuated. Ultrasound has limited range and rapidly loses intensity as it leaves the source.

Tests of commercial ultrasonic devices have indicated that rodents may be repelled from the immediate area of the ultrasound for a few days. Other tests have shown the degree of repellency depends on the particular frequencies used, intensity, and pre-existing condition of the infestation. Until more conclusive information is available, commercial ultrasonic devices are not recommended as a solution to infestations. Read more from ICWDM…

Don’t Rely on DIY methods

Rodent Control

How do you feel when you start a project and you carry it on to completion? It feels great, doesn’t it? Maybe this is why you don’t want anyone interfering in your rodent control plan. But if all boils down to this, if your plan is not achieving results you should rethink it. Here’s an in-depth explanation:

Store-bought pesticides provide temporary prevention and control, but for long-term protection and with certain specialized infestations, a professional service is recommended. Similarly, most homeowners can likely handle mice removal, but invasions by raccoons, bats, squirrels and other wildlife require specialized services to capture and relocate them.

Whether using a professional service or doing it yourself, follow all safety guidelines regarding chemicals. So-called “green” pest control companies use natural plant oils toxic to pests, although your home may need retreatment more frequently.

Pest control companies typically will offer an agreement for an initial treatment with periodic maintenance treatments. These could be quarterly, three times a year or once a year. Professionals say this is necessary to maintain a pest-free home. Read more from Houseopedia…

Where can I get an extra hand for my rodent problem?

You can get quality services from a rodent control company like Backyard Bug Patrol. We are experts in rodent control who come with the option of using 100% organic products. Contact us today for guaranteed quality work.

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